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What is outdoor LED screen?


What is outdoor LED screen?
Outdoor LED display technology features
How to control the outdoor LED screen
Outdoor LED screen suitable for what scene?
Is the outdoor LED display waterproof?
How much does an outdoor LED screen cost?
What are the precautions for buying outdoor LED screens?
Outdoor LED display assembly steps

What is outdoor LED screen?

Outdoor LED display, as the new favorite of the future outdoor display advertising media. The area is generally dozens of square meters to several hundred square meters or even larger, with high brightness and large viewing Angle. Can work in the sun, and has a certain wind, rain, waterproof function. Mainly used in outdoor advertising, stations, squares, shopping malls and so on. Outdoor LED advertising screen refers to its use environment is in the outdoor environment of the LED advertising screen, is the LED display system composed of LED components, generally in two-color, is the main form of color LED display

The outdoor LED advertising screen is composed of a lattice structure, the prime is a bright light point, the lattice structure is composed of “row” and “column”, the arrangement of the prime forms the pixels of the LED advertising screen, and the pixels form the physical structure and the group diagram of the LED advertising screen, which provides a good display structure framework for the LED advertising screen. Do you know what is the difference between outdoor LED display and indoor LED display?

LED display has a variety of sizes, and the Pitch that constitutes the outdoor LED advertising screen also has a variety of sizes, mainly P4.P5.P6.P7.62.P8. Can be used to display different types of pictures, text, ICONS, expressions, etc., with bright colors and high-definition display quality, according to customer promotion needs, using different sizes.

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Outdoor LED display technology features

High brightness and contrast: Outdoor LED displays need to remain visible in bright sunlight, so having high brightness and contrast is essential. This ensures that information is transmitted more clearly in an outdoor environment and is not affected by light.

Protective performance: The outdoor LED display must have good protective performance to cope with various adverse weather conditions, such as rain, wind and sand, ultraviolet radiation and so on. Durable housing materials and water – and dust-proof designs are common solutions.

Wide viewing Angle: Outdoor LED displays need to be able to present content across a wide range of viewing angles to ensure that viewers get a good visual experience no matter what Angle they stand at. A broad perspective can also attract more viewers and increase the communication effect.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Outdoor LED displays usually need to run for a long time, so energy saving and environmental protection are important considerations. The use of efficient LED beads and optimized control systems can reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental impact

Good heat dissipation performance: Outdoor LED display should also be able to operate stably in a high temperature environment, so it is necessary to design a well-designed heat dissipation system to prevent LED lamp beads from reducing life or failure due to overheating.

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How to control the outdoor LED screen

Control system selection: First of all, you need to choose the appropriate LED screen control system. This could be a specialized controller, or it could be a computer or other device, depending on the size and functional needs of the screen. The control system should usually have the corresponding software and hardware to manage and control the display content of the LED screen.

Connectivity and communication: Connect the control system to the outdoor LED screen. This is usually done via a network, HDMI, DVI, VGA, or other dedicated interface to transfer the display content to the LED screen.

Setup and calibration: After the connection is complete, the control system needs to be set up and calibrated. This includes determining the display’s resolution, color calibration, and brightness Settings to ensure the quality and consistency of the content displayed.

Content Management: Through the software interface of the control system, users can manage and edit the content to be displayed on the outdoor LED screen. This may include various forms of content such as images, videos, text, animations, etc.

Scheduling and scheduling: Control systems usually allow users to set the playback time and order of content to achieve the playback of specific content in a specific period of time. In this way, content scheduling and scheduling can be carried out according to different scene requirements, such as advertising, activity information, etc.

Remote control: Many modern outdoor LED screen control systems support remote control functions, allowing users to remotely manage and update display content via the network or the Internet. This makes it easy to adjust and update content in real time without directly touching the screen device.

Fault monitoring and alarm: Some advanced control systems also have fault monitoring and alarm functions, which can monitor the operating status of the LED screen in real time, and alarm in time when there is a fault or abnormal situation for maintenance and processing.

Outdoor LED screen suitable for what scene?

Advertising companies and marketing activities: Advertising companies often use outdoor LED screens to display advertising content, attract the attention of pedestrians and vehicles, and increase the effect of advertising communication. Outdoor LED screens are common on billboards in busy areas such as city centers, business districts, and traffic arteries.

Malls and shopping centers: Malls and shopping centers use outdoor LED screens to advertise the latest offers, brand promotions and direct customer flows.

Sports venues and performing arts venues: Sports venues, concert venues and other venues use outdoor LED screens to broadcast real-time competition information, performance content and sponsor advertisements to the audience.

Government and public agencies: Government and public agencies use outdoor LED screens to publish important public information, emergency notifications, transportation directions, etc.

Transport hubs: Railway stations, bus stations, airports and other transport hubs use outdoor LED screens to display flight information, public transport information and advertising.

Is the outdoor LED display waterproof?

Outdoor LED displays are usually waterproof. Due to the complexity of the outdoor environment and unpredictable weather conditions, the outdoor LED display needs to have good protective performance to protect the internal electronic components and circuits from weather factors such as rain, wind and sand, and moisture.

How much does an outdoor LED screen cost?

The price of a square meter outdoor led display is about 2,000 dollars. The price of outdoor led display varies by model. Outdoor full color screen (including waterproof box) : P2.5 (11000/ square meter). Specifically, it includes the display screen body, sending card, receiving card, power supply, video processor, frame structure and other accessories, as well as on-site installation and commissioning fees. Do you want to know the price of LED advertising machine?

What are the precautions for buying outdoor LED screens?

Outdoor LED displays are different from indoor LED displays and have higher requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a screen with higher resolution and carry out special coating treatment to achieve the effect that the screen content is still clearly visible in the sunlight and anti-reflection.

Water and dust proof. In order to work normally, the LED display must first overcome the influence of “rain” and “dust”. In the outdoors, the LED display must be installed waterproof and dustproof structure, and the protection level must reach IP65(that is, completely prevent dust from entering, and wash with water without harm), but if it is by the river or the sea, you can choose IP66 or IP67.

Temperature control. In the outdoor LED display can normally display the temperature of -20 °~65°. In the summer, in addition to the heat from the internal electronic components of the LED, there is also the heat brought by solar radiation. At this time, the LED screen can be cooled by the fan, or the temperature of the LED screen can be controlled at the appropriate temperature using the cooling paint.

In terms of security, LED screens are generally located in public places with many people, so safety must also be paid attention to. When selecting LED display, you can choose to use special tempered laminated glass. When the glass is broken, the fragments will be attached to the middle layer, which is not easy to cause safety accidents.

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Outdoor LED display assembly steps

Outdoor LED display assembly has four steps: field inspection, mechanical equipment construction, installation, adjustment, application.

Field investigation

This refers to the actual natural environment, geological structure, flicker range, chroma acceptance and other major parameters of the LED display before installation. In order to ensure the perfect installation of the advertising brand, a unified plan should be implemented before installation and lifting to ensure that everything is applied smoothly.

Led mechanical equipment construction

In the production of outdoor LED display, it is necessary to distinguish outdoor exterior wall advertising screen, hanging advertising screen and roof advertising screen. In fact, in the installation process, the crane and the crane should be used to hang segment by segment according to the spacing and aspect ratio, so that the upper level personnel can cooperate with each other, and the installation and application of the LED advertising screen can be stronger.

Brightness adjustment

The construction Angle of the LED display is also different, so according to the site acceptance ability, it is necessary to fix the outdoor LED display from the general Angle of everyone, and ensure that all the viewing Angle is normal, color balance, and the image of the plug-in subtitle content is visible.

Post-inspection and maintenance

After inspection, there are outdoor LED display moisture-proof, heat pipe heat dissipation layer, LED description moisture-proof coating, top display wind proof, heat pipe heat dissipation, switching power supply, demand balance line and other categories. These basic components products should be removed immediately in the event of any reliable text picture LED display, technical maintenance in the middle and late period, product corrosion, instability, damage, etc., to ensure the safe operation of all displays.

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