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World-first LED TV in Local Hair Salon

SoStron LED Products for the New Application in 2021.05.

World-first LED wall showed in high-end hair salon, this is local chain store, main business is hair salon and personal image design.”So happy to see this LED TV work, this is the best LED TV in this shopping mall, capture all the shopper’s attention and show different hair style in a real time, this is amazing.” – Jonny said.

Started from 2021.04, our team visited and discussed the project with client, check the installation site, arranged the demo, finally got the job with SoStron indoor hiLux Pro P1.25mm- GOB technology.

World-first LED TV

With GOB technology, surface waterproof and dustproof, this is really heplful for the hair salon.

Below are some photos for the project.

Prepared demo and showed in hair salon office.

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