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4 features, LED transparent screen is recommended for outdoor buildings

In recent years, LED transparent screens have become increasingly popular. Personalized store images can attract consumers to stop, increase traffic, and have an increasingly broad market application prospect. As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, traditional outdoor LED screens have seriously affected the city’s appearance due to brightness pollution, high vacancy rate, black screen and other reasons, so most of the screens that do not meet the requirements are forcibly removed. The transparent and high-definition LED display developed by LED display manufacturers is widely welcomed by outdoor glass curtain wall buildings because of its light weight, high light transmission and no space occupation.

transparent screen

Innovative product LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen is not separated from the essence of LED display screen. It is an innovative product of the industry for the light strip screen. LED transparent screen has made targeted improvements in the patch manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, and control system of the light strip screen. In addition to the hollow design structure, the permeability and pixel resolution of the conventional light strip screen have been greatly improved. As the technology of LED display manufacturers and upstream and downstream industrial chains continues to mature, the price has also declined.

In addition, 5G technology and new retail concepts have emerged, LED transparent screens appear more and more frequently in various cities. Especially in shopping malls, restaurants, 4S stores, new retail stores, shop windows and other places with glass curtain walls. And it is slowly expanding from the first tier cities to the second and third tier cities, even in remote areas. The major LED display manufacturers also continue to innovate and carry out various new technologies to give more product value to the transparent high-definition LED display.

LED transparent screen

Make up for the defects of traditional LED display

The LED transparent screen itself has the characteristics of high light transmission, energy saving, light and thin, invisible installation, high protection level, low installation cost and highlight. These characteristics can just make up for the defects of the traditional LED outdoor display screen, and to a large extent, solve the problem of urban beauty. At the same time, the LED transparent screen can also be installed indoors and viewed outdoors to avoid the complicated approval process of outdoor advertising.

Moreover, modern buildings are mainly glass curtain walls, and the emergence of LED transparent screen just conforms to the requirements of the development of the times. With the technology of LED transparent screen becoming more and more mature, LED transparent screen will continue to occupy high-end commercial display, digital dance and high-tech fields in the future.

Commercial display

In recent years, commercial display mainly focuses on new retail, and LED transparent screen plays an increasingly important role in the commercial field, such as window display, interior decoration and building facade, bringing great changes to new retail. Advertisers can display the categories, key products and promotion information of goods in retail stores through transparent high-definition LED display, which is convenient for consumers to purchase their own goods more quickly, promote consumer demand and improve the conversion rate of shopping in stores. NIKE is a good example, which uses smart buyer equipment to improve the performance of stores by 15%.

New retail window

The emergence of new retail has greatly promoted the development of commercial display market, and also brought great market development opportunities to LED display manufacturers. LED transparent screen has risen in a short time with a new application form, leading technology development and design concept close to the public demand, and a new blue ocean market has emerged. Of course, if the LED transparent screen only has a single display function, it will inevitably cause aesthetic fatigue to the public after a long time.

In the fierce market competition, the appearance of transparent LED display not only integrates all the advantages of traditional outdoor high-definition LED display and window display, eliminates the bearing and beauty to the maximum, perfectly solves the problem of display of window video in the retail industry, and gradually occupies the LED display market with its outstanding uniqueness.

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