How to install the LED light box?

Today's outdoor advertising is no longer limited to one way. I believe you should have known about some relevant outdoor advertising. In order to make advertising dazzling at night, there are led lights in the light box.


How to install the LED light box? In fact, many people don't know it very well. Today, SoStron will introduce it in detail:


1. First, determine the position of the LED ultra-thin light box, and determine the installation method according to the actual situation and the type of light box.


LED display

2. The fixing point for installing the light box shall be determined according to the position of the mounting hole on the back of the light box or the actual size on site.


LED light box

3. The on-site wall surface of aluminum frame of fixed light box is made of aluminum-plastic plate, wood plate, iron plate, etc., which can be directly fixed with self tapping screws;


The on-site wall is cement or brick wall, which can be drilled with impact drill and then fixed with expansion screws;


The wall surface on site is made of ceramic tiles, marble, glass, etc. the glass drill can be used to drill through the surface first, then the expansion screw hole can be drilled, and then the light box can be fixed or glued. For the light box to be hoisted or suspended on site, after selecting the installation position, determine the fixing point for installing the light box according to the actual size of the light box installation hole, then install the lifting parts and connect the ground wire.


LED light box

4. Install the lamp board, spread the lamp board along the aluminum frame, punch holes on the lamp board and fix the lamp board on the aluminum frame with screws. 


5. Power on test, arrange the external wiring and connect it to the power transformer, turn on the power and observe whether the lamp board is normally illuminated.


6. Fix the lamp cloth, spread the lamp cloth along the aluminum, and press the adhesive strip into the aluminum gap.


LED light box

7. Power on the lamp and clean the surface of the lamp box.


What are the characteristics of LED light box advertising?


1. Beautiful appearance, ultra-thin and ultra light. The LED light box can be as thin as 2cm and as light as 0.5kg;


2. LED light box advertising generally saves more than 70% energy than traditional light boxes. The international leading lighting technology makes the lighting more concentrated, more efficient and energy-saving;



3. Unique lamp box anti flashing function, lamp service life will be longer;


4. All variable line light sources are area light sources, so the illumination will be more uniform, softer and more comfortable;


5. The natural light imitates the true color design, the image is more lifelike and pleasing to the eye, and the visual effect is more excellent;


6. The design of high-tech light guide plate technology, its principle and effect can be comparable to the LED display of notebook computer;  


light box


7. Make full use of the reverse light transmission characteristics of the material, with high light release rate and more uniform and natural light propagation;


8. LED light box advertisement quick opening design makes it easier and faster to replace the lamp.


Through the above, you should have a clear understanding of the installation method of LED lights in the light box. I believe that you will be able to do better in outdoor advertising after you understand this information! If you are interested in LED poster display, you can read this article!

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