Considerations for the purchase and installation of uk outdoor led displays

Monday, August 1, 2022 at 3:10:59 AM GMT+00:00

What is outdoor led display?

uk outdoor LED display screen: the area is generally dozens of square meters to hundreds of square meters or even larger, with high brightness and large viewing angle. It can work in the sun, and has certain windproof, rainproof and waterproof functions. It is mainly used in outdoor advertisements, stations, squares, shopping malls, etc.Do you know the characteristics of outdoor LED screen?


What are the precautions when purchasing outdoor LED screen?

Screen. Outdoor LED display screen is different from indoor LED display screen, which has higher requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a screen with higher resolution and special coating treatment, so as to achieve the effect that the screen content is still clearly visible and anti reflection in the sun.

Waterproof and dustproof. If you want the uk outdoor LED display to operate normally, you must first overcome the influence of "rain" and "dust". In the outdoor, the LED display must be installed with waterproof and dustproof structure, and the protection grade must reach IP65 (that is, completely prevent dust from entering and wash with water without harm), but if it is by the river or the sea, you can choose IP66 or IP67.

Temperature control. In the outdoors, the temperature that the LED display can normally display is - 20 ° ~65 °. In summer, in addition to the heat from the internal electronic components of the LED, there is also the heat brought by solar radiation. At this time, the LED screen can be cooled by the fan, or the temperature of the LED screen can be controlled at the appropriate temperature by using heat dissipation paint.

Safety, uk outdoor LED screens are generally located in public places with a large number of people, so safety must also be paid attention to. When choosing LED display, you can choose to use special tempered laminated glass. When this glass breaks, the fragments will adhere to the middle interlayer, which is not easy to cause safety accidents.


outdoor LED display

There are four steps to install outdoor advertising LED display: field investigation, mechanical equipment construction, installation, adjustment and application.

field investigation

This refers to the actual natural environment, geological structure, flicker range, chroma acceptance capacity and other main parameters of the outdoor LED display before installation. In order to ensure the perfect installation of advertising brands, a unified plan should be implemented before installation and hoisting to ensure that everything is applied normally and smoothly.

Led mechanical equipment construction

When making outdoor LED display screen, we should distinguish outdoor external wall advertising screen, hanging advertising screen and roof advertising screen. In fact, during installation, cranes and cranes should be used to hang section by section according to the spacing and length width ratio, allowing the upper personnel to cooperate with each other, and stronger installation and application of the LED advertising screen for rising work.

Brightness adjustment

The construction angle of uk LED display screen is also different, so according to the on-site acceptance ability, you need to fix the outdoor LED display screen from the general perspective of everyone, and ensure that all images with normal viewing angle and balanced color and subtitle content of plug-ins are visible.

Post inspection and maintenance

Post inspection of uk LED display screen moisture-proof, heat pipe heat dissipation layer, LED description moisture-proof coating, wind proof at the top of the display screen, heat pipe heat dissipation, switching power supply, demand balance line and other categories. These basic components products should be removed immediately in the event of any reliable text picture LED display screen, mid and late technical maintenance, product corrosion, instability, damage, and ensure the safe operation of all displays.