LED display industry is developing in a diversified way

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LED display screen can display changing numbers, words, graphics and images; It can be used not only in indoor environment but also in outdoor environment, and has incomparable advantages over projectors, TV walls and LCD screens. Do you want to know how much the outdoor led display costs?

With the continuous development of science and technology, the appearance of the city is also constantly updated. Previously, whether a city is famous and prosperous mainly depends on whether there are landmark buildings in the city. But now, in addition to whether there are landmark buildings, it also depends on whether the city\'s lighting is attractive. After all, people today are under great pressure to live, and the bustling nightlife is naturally indispensable. Driven by large demand such as the Internet and smart cities, the current demand for commercial displays is expanding. As one of the important display devices, LED display plays an increasingly important role in the commercial display market. However, the ensuing product homogenization impasse has become an urgent problem to be solved by major LED display manufacturers. Innovation is obviously a new way out, and can make the market diversified. Therefore, the diversified development of LED display is attributed to technological innovation.


LED display screen

According to relevant data, the market size of commercial display in mainland China will reach 111.6 billion yuan by 2020, and the compound annual growth rate will reach 25.5% since 2017, when it entered the outbreak period. From the perspective of LED display market, small pitch LED display is the main display, and it has become one of the most popular products in the display market. The market growth rate is also on the rise. In 2019, the small pitch LED display market is expected to break through the 10 billion mark. Faced with such huge market potential, major LED display manufacturers have started to layout the commercial display market.

The traditional small pitch LED display uses SMD packaging. With the smaller the pitch, its disadvantages are more and more. To solve this problem, LED display manufacturers have developed new packaging technologies, such as COB and four in one Mini LED packaging technology, and can package products with a point spacing of less than 1.0mm, and can also achieve mass production. With the small pitch LED display becoming the main innovation development direction of the large screen business display market in the future, new LED business display technologies and products represented by small pitch are also developing towards diversification.


LED display screen

In the past two years, small pitch LED displays represented by COB have been frequently used in major exhibitions and markets. However, due to its high cost, it is mainly used in high-end commercial display field. Nevertheless, the business display market is still a blue ocean market to be developed by LED display manufacturers. In the next three years, COB display technology will still be the mainstream of high-definition display of small spacing LED displays, and will gradually penetrate into civil and commercial displays to obtain greater market space. In addition, at the Guangzhou exhibition in March, some LED display manufacturers exhibited 0.9mm small pitch LED displays, laying the groundwork for future entry into the commercial display market. As we all know, the market demand for household displays is huge, mainly LCD splicing screens. If the small pitch LED display screen can enter the household display market, its market development prospect is very broad.

Of course, in the face of the innovation of small pitch LED display packaging, LED display manufacturers have developed not only COB packaging, but also Mini LED packaging technology, and this year is also known as the first year of mass production of Mini LED. With the continuous improvement of upstream and downstream supply chains and the gradual realization of mass production, Mini LED display technology has a very broad prospect in the field of commercial applications. At the same time, the major LED display manufacturers continue to innovate and improve the small spacing Mini LED technology, and the yield and cost have also been greatly improved, bringing more business opportunities for LED display products in the commercial display application market.


This is an LED special-shaped screen from a KTV in Berlin, Germany. This design not only increases entertainment, but also renders the stage features.

In recent years, under the environment of consumption upgrading and product upgrading, Chinese consumption tends to be quality oriented and high-quality. Therefore, it also drives the upgrading of LED display products; At the same time, with the development of LED display industry technology, small dot spacing products are gradually becoming smaller, and micro spacing products have also entered the market. The mature technology of flexible screen and grid screen has further expanded the application scenario of LED display products.
In addition to the hot demand for small pitch LED displays, LED transparent screens are also not willing to lag behind in the LED display industry. In addition to the high permeability, thin and beautiful LED transparent screen, convenient and fast installation, and low cost of steel structure construction, the traditional LED display screen is forced to be removed because it affects the overall beauty of the city. So that the market demand for LED transparent screens has soared, and it can also solve the problem of window video display in the retail industry. It not only enriches the advertising publicity style, but also makes the advertising design attractive.

With the development of smart new retail, smart transportation, smart medicine, smart government and other industries, the demand for LED displays in the commercial display market is growing. In addition, LED display manufacturers continue to innovate their products, commercial display market demand is constantly being created, and new scenarios are increasingly being explored, so their market development prospects are very broad. But where there are opportunities, there will obviously be challenges. In order to seize more market shares, major LED screen enterprises have been expanding their industrial scale, exploring channels, seizing emerging markets and playing cross-border integration.

In a word, the diversified development of LED display industry is attributed to technological innovation. There are not only innovations in packaging technology of small pitch LED display, such as COB and Mini LED, but also innovations in products, such as LED transparent screen. If LED display manufacturers want to seize the big cake of the commercial display market, they should continue to innovate, tap more market segments and seize the share of emerging markets.

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