How much will LED billboards cost in 2023?

Now, there are more and more categories of LED displays, so there are frequent price wars. The LED display industry has become extremely competitive, and each manufacturer even offers different prices for the same product. In fact, if anyone familiar with the LED display industry knows, there are many reasons that affect the price of LED display. Because our needs are different, and the quality and performance of LED displays are also very different, their prices will also be very different.


5 factors affecting the price of LED display

1. Dimensions

This is easy to understand. Just like we buy a house, the larger the area, the higher the total price. The larger the LED display, the more materials are consumed, and the more expensive the price is!

2. Specifications

The main models of LED display screen are p1.667, p1.538, p2.0, p2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, etc. The P in LED display screen refers to the center distance between two adjacent pixels of LED display screen, which is called dot distance for short. It is LED to show the distance between lamp beads. Generally, the denser the lamp beads, the clearer the LED display, the higher the resolution, and the higher the price.


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3. Construction

LED outdoor display screen is affected by factors such as installation location, installation mode, screen size, frame structure selection, etc. The project price of LED outdoor display screen will certainly have a big difference, especially when making LED outdoor display screen, the project price will vary greatly due to the impact of the construction environment.

4. Materials

In terms of materials, they can be divided into foreign materials and Chinese materials. In terms of light-emitting chips, the sources of imports include the United States, Japan, and some Chinese chips. Each kind of luminous chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. The price of American and Japanese chips remains high under the background of similar monopoly because they have always mastered the core technology. Chinese chips are relatively cheap, but their performance still lags behind that of American and Japanese chips.


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5. The influence of supporting system on the price of LED display screen

Playback system: control computer, multimedia card or video card, and playback software;

Editing system: editing computer, video compression card, editing software;

System accessories: sending card, receiving card, transfer card;

Sound system: loudspeaker+speaker;

Video input equipment: DVD/VCD, VCR, CCTV;

Monitoring system: sensor+monitoring software;

Protection system: cooling system, power distribution system, lightning protection system;

Image and text input: scanner, digital camera. The above accessories and equipment are optional except for system accessories and playback system. Due to the influence of brand and purchase channel, the price of LED outdoor display screen is naturally different.

All these are related to price. Led display companies can only provide a comprehensive quotation if they have clear information about the area of led display, point spacing model and installation method.The price of different types of displays will also vary, for example, the price of LED transparent screens.


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How much is the LED billboard?

Price of indoor LED display

P2.5 indoor led display price: $700 per square meter.

P3 indoor led display price: $540 per square meter.

P4 indoor led display price: $450 per square meter.

P5 indoor led display price: 400 dollars per square meter.

P6 indoor led display price: 390 dollars per square meter.

P10 indoor led display price: $300 per square meter.

Price of outdoor LED display

P4 outdoor led display price: 850 dollars per square meter.

P5 outdoor led display price: 570 dollars per square meter.

P6 outdoor led display price: 460 dollars per square meter.

P8 outdoor led display price: $380 per square meter.

P10 outdoor led display price: $330 per square meter.

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