Doing well in these 9 points will prolong the life of LED screen

LED display is a new type of display device, which has many advantages over traditional display means, such as long service life, high brightness, fast response speed, long visual distance, strong environmental adaptability, etc. Generally, LED lamp beads can be used for a long time in theory, but based on the lamp beads used, the drive chip, PCB board and power supply determine the product life and stability, and the barrier free operation time is generally about 10000 hours.


In order to prolong the service life of LED display, please pay attention to the following aspects when using it.

1. The power supply is required to be stable and well grounded.

2. Do not use it under severe natural conditions. (such as storm, thunderstorm, etc.)

3. Switching sequence of LED display screen: A: Start the control computer to make it operate normally before starting the LED display screen. B: Turn off the LED display before turning off the computer.

4. When playing, do not stay in the full white, full red, full green, full blue and other full bright images for a long time, so as to avoid excessive current, excessive heating of the power line, and damage to the LED lamp beads, which will affect the service life of the display screen.


LED screen

5. The continuous playing time of LED display screen should not exceed 12 hours every day.

6. Regularly check whether the fan inside the LED display box works normally and whether the circuit is damaged. If the fan does not work, replace it in time. If the circuit is damaged, repair or replace it in time.

7. In rainy days, check whether the screen body leaks water, and repair the leakage in time.

8. If the ambient temperature is lower than - 10 ℃, the inspection and maintenance must be carried out 1 hour after the power is cut off.

9. Non professionals are prohibited from touching to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit; If there is a problem, ask a professional for maintenance.


LED screen life

The lifetime of LED is usually the time when the luminous intensity decays to 50% of the initial value. According to statistics, the service life of LED displays on the market is generally 6-8 years, and large LED displays that can be used for more than 10 years are very good, especially outdoor LED displays. If we pay attention to the above details, it will bring good results to our display screen.

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