Do you really want to know how to choose LED display?

Jun 2, 2022, 1:55:23 AM

Many people don't know that there are many precautions for distinguishing LED electronic display screens, but according to Xiaobian, many customers have many incorrect operations in the process of purchasing LED display screens. So how can we better avoid these misunderstandings? How can we identify a good quality and inexpensive LED screen? Let's review the common mistakes of LED display screen:


LED display

Buy the best

First of all, you should buy from your own needs. While meeting your needs, you should have some advanced ideas. However, we should not blindly pursue the best. Although expensive ones are generally better, it depends on whether we can use them symmetrically and according to our own economic situation. Otherwise, we will only waste more money on functions we don't need.

National standards, regulations and standards

The general specification for LED display screen was issued by the Ministry in the 1990s. Now it is 2017. Looking back at the previous standards, too many changes have taken place. For example, the point of loss of control is 5 in 10000 in the national standard. Take the indoor dual primary color LED display as an example. Generally, the display screen with 740480 standard resolution is 10 square meters, 42465 points per square meter. According to the national standard, there can be 120 out of control points, but no one will buy such LED screens in the modern rapid development of life.


Software is free and cheap

There is a common problem in Chinese enterprises, that is, they only produce without research and development. The same problem also exists in the current LED display industry. At present, only a few LED screen enterprises have their own legitimate software. Many people may not know that it is illegal to use piracy now. Low price is good, but it is not necessarily what we want. What is more important is cost performance. It is also difficult to distinguish between the right one and the low price one.

Gray scale

Gray scale

Gray level is an important indicator of LED display screen. At present, the market is full of many 14 and 80 gray level display screens pretending to be 256 gray level display screens. The former control cost may be only a small part of 256 gray level 5. Here is a simple way to tell your friends, that is to play a video of a fierce sports scene and check whether it can be seen clearly on the LED display.

Life duration

The technical data issued by the manufacturer of LED display clearly states that the service life of LED luminaries is 10million hours under ideal conditions. This ideal state refers to the time from light to no light in the laboratory under the condition of constant voltage and constant current. 10 million hours is equivalent to 11 years. We all know that the amount of water in a barrel is determined by the lowest wooden board. At present, most of the LED displays are civilian devices, and their service life is usually no more than 10 years. The function of the display screen is to watch. When the display screen is on and can only be seen clearly at night, it is impossible to judge whether it is qualified and valuable.

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