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Brazil’s Top 10 LED Display Screen Factories

Brazil, the vast South American nation, is renowned for its captivating natural landscapes, cultural diversity, and dynamic economy. However, in this diverse country, technology and innovation have consistently been crucial engines driving development. With the advent of the digital age, LED display screen technology has become a key element in Brazil’s business and entertainment sectors, bringing unprecedented opportunities and experiences to various industries. This article delves into Brazil’s LED display screen companies, their corporate information, and product features.

LED display factory

Here is the corporate brand information for the top 10 LED display screen companies in Brazil, for your reference:

Table of Contents

Grecko Led Displays

1-1. Grecko Led Displays Corporate Information
1-2. Grecko Led Displays Product Types
1-3. Grecko Led Displays Product Advantages


2-1. The LED Corporate Information
2-2. The LED Product Types
2-3. The LED Product Advantages

Led Wave

3-1. Led Wave Corporate Information
3-2. Led Wave Product Types
3-3. Led Wave Product Advantages

On Projecoes

4-1. On Projecoes Corporate Information
4-2. On Projecoes Product Types
4-3. On Projecoes Product Advantages

Mundo de LED

5-1. Mundo de LED Corporate Information
5-2. Mundo de LED Product Types
5-3. Mundo de LED Product Advantages


6-1. Qualipix Corporate Information
6-2. Qualipix Product Types
6-3. Qualipix Product Advantages

Innvote Brazil

7-1. Innvote Brazil Corporate Information
7-2. Innvote Brazil Product Types
7-3. Innvote Brazil Product Advantages

Radius Displays

8-1. Radius Displays Corporate Information
8-2. Radius Displays Product Types
8-3. Radius Displays Product Advantages


9-1. Eletromidia Corporate Information
9-2. Eletromidia Product Types
9-3. Eletromidia Product Advantages


10-1. CRIALED Corporate Information
10-2. CRIALED Product Types
10-3. CRIALED Product Advantages

Grecko Led Displays

1. Grecko Led Displays

Corporate Information: Grecko Led Displays is a U.S. company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of high-end LED panels. It adheres to design protocols and product development plans with the highest quality standards in the market. Our products focus on meeting outdoor and indoor communication needs in the global market. Innovation, technology, and quality are our three fundamental pillars. Customers worldwide can purchase GRECKO products through our dealers or official representatives.

Product Types: Indoor and outdoor LED displays, LED billboards

Product Advantages: High brightness, strong customization, professional technical support.


2. The LED

Corporate Information: Established in 2010, The LED originated from Richard Albanesi’s entrepreneurial vision. With rich experience in the LED technology market, Richard took charge and created The LED. At that time, cost was still a deterrent in Brazil. Therefore, The LED adopted an innovative approach of renting display boards for renowned artist exhibitions, trade shows, and corporate events.

Product Types: Indoor and outdoor LED displays, LED video walls

Product Advantages: High resolution, outstanding visual effects, reliability.

Led Wave

3. Led Wave

Corporate Information: Led Wave, a pioneer in various forms of LED panels, is an expert in projects for different market segments. With a consolidated brand in the major capitals of Brazil, our headquarters and production line are in Goiânia, with units in São Paulo, Brasília, and Orlando. We launched the WEOOH brand, the largest large-format panel (digital billboard) outdoor media tool in Brazil. We are eager for innovation and passionate about providing unforgettable visual experiences for the audience.

Product Types: Indoor and outdoor LED displays

Product Advantages: High quality, versatility, suitable for various occasions.

On Projecoes

4. On Projecoes

Corporate Information: On Projecoes understands and deeply explores your needs to propose the best strategies. We can engage in the entire cycle: from detailed design to installation services, after-sales support, maintenance, to creative development and optimization recommendations. We are fully prepared to leverage audiovisual systems and existing technologies, always focusing on environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, and the best cost-to-impact ratio.

Product Types: Indoor and outdoor LED displays, LED display modules

Product Advantages: Customizable, high brightness, long lifespan.

Mundo de LED

5. Mundo de LED

Corporate Information: Founded in 2013, Mundo de LED is the result of continuous research efforts, seeking the most modern global LED visual communication (DOOH). We have rich experience in exhibitions, seminars, and visits to the largest LED parts and product production and distribution centers. Our product quality is guaranteed by a professional technical team, from selecting the best suppliers to assembly and final testing, coupled with excellent service, making the company a national reference in the LED market. With diverse-sized LED panels, various connection types, colors, and the latest technology!

Product Types: Indoor LED displays, rental LED floor screen

Product Advantages: Clear images, versatility, durability.


6. Qualipix

Corporate Information: Qualipix is a company specializing in audiovisual solutions. Professionals responsible for installing panels have been in the video projection market since 1992, making Qualipix one of Brazil’s pioneers. The aim is to strengthen connections with customers in Brazil looking for video wall panels.

Product Types: Indoor and outdoor LED screens, LED poster screen

Product Advantages: High resolution, professional support, reliability.

Innvote Brazil

7. Innvote Brazil

Corporate Information: For 15 years, Innovate Brazil has been providing the most modern and advanced high-resolution full-color LED panel technology. Innovate continuously seeks to bring the most modern LED panels to Brazil, whether for churches, events, outdoor or indoor panels, Innovate can provide the ideal solution for your project. Through our assembly, we offer quality services provided by qualified professionals, providing all necessary support (from parts replacement to technical support). All of this is at your disposal, with a 2-year warranty.

Product Types: Indoor and outdoor LED displays, LED advertising screen

Product Advantages: High quality, versatility, strong customization.

Radius Displays

8. Radius Displays

Corporate Information: Founded by Colin Stewart and Arthur Lo in 1995, initially named Second Harvest Design, Radius Displays focused on providing large signs and outdoor technology solutions for advertisers. Over the past 20 years, Radius Displays has transformed into a comprehensive consulting, design, and product solutions company, leading the trend of efficient LED digital signs. Radius provides comprehensive services, including initial project consultation, engineering, design, supply, and installation.

Product Types: Transparent LED displays, LED display modules

Product Advantages: Widely applicable, high brightness, excellent image quality.


9. Eletromidia

Corporate Information: Eletromidia offers personalized projects beyond traditional ones, providing public and useful services. Eletromidia’s creative team develops specially customized projects, bringing immersive experiences to every moment of the audience journey.

Product Types: Indoor and outdoor LED displays, 3 sides led display

Product Advantages: High resolution, durability, reliability.



Corporate Information: Since 2008, CRIALED has implemented creativity and innovation, integrating digital visual technology to understand the needs of customers in Brazil and around the world and provide solutions. CRIALED is the only Brazilian company approved by PRG Digital Visual Solutions and a member of the PRG Alliance. The PRG Alliance is a major global company network, providing the best event production technology, services, and knowledge worldwide.

Product Types: outdoor LED displays, LED billboards

Product Advantages: High brightness, long visual distance, suitable for various environments.

Brazil's LED display screen

Brazil’s LED display screen companies are continuously transforming the face of the business, cultural, and entertainment sectors, bringing visual feasts and infinite possibilities to a broad audience. Whether in sports events, concerts, billboards, or business exhibitions, the application of LED display screens has become extremely widespread. These companies, through technological innovation, high-quality products, and professional customer support, are enhancing Brazil’s tech industry. In the future, LED display screen technology will continue to thrive in Brazil, delivering more visual shocks and delights to the audience. Whether in the domestic or international market, Brazil’s LED display screen companies will continue to lead the industry’s development, bringing new visual experiences to the world.

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