What is the composition of outdoor LED display? How does it work?

Aug 3, 2022, 2:40:36 AM

We have all seen outdoor LED displays, and there are many ways to install them. Usually, the columns on the walls and squares are the most common. In recent years, highways have gradually installed LED screens to guide traffic flow and reasonably plan routes. Recently, many businesses have also begun to install LED displays to advertise for themselves, which shows the development trend of LED displays.


outdoor LED display

Composition of outdoor display screen

The outdoor display system is composed of special computer equipment, display screen, video input port and system software.

Computers and special equipment: computers and special equipment directly determine the role of the system, and different types can be selected according to the different requirements of users for the system.

Display screen: the control circuit of the display screen receives the display signal from the computer, drives the led to emit light to produce a picture, and outputs sound by adding a power amplifier and a speaker.

Video input port: provide video input port, the signal source can be video recorder, DVD player, camera, etc., and support NTSC, pal, s_ Video and other formats.

Working principle of outdoor LED display

The main controller obtains the various color brightness data of each pixel of a screen from the computer display card, and then assigns it to several scanning boards. Each scanning board is responsible for controlling several rows (columns) on the LED display screen, and the LED display signals on each row (column) are cascaded through each display control unit of the row in a serial manner, and each display control unit directly faces the LED display screen body. The work of the main controller is to convert the signal of the computer display card into the data and control signal format required by the LED display screen.

The function of display control unit is similar to that of image display screen, which is generally composed of shift register latch with gray level control function. However, the scale of video LED display is often larger, so we should use integrated circuits with larger integration scale. The function of the scanning plate is the so-called connecting link. On the one hand, it receives the video signal of the main controller, on the other hand, it transmits the data belonging to the current level to its own display control units, and at the same time, it also transmits the data not belonging to the current level to the next cascade of scanning plates. The differences between video signals and LED display data in space, time, sequence and other aspects need to be coordinated by a scanning board.

The future of outdoor LED display

As the advertising carrier of outdoor media, LED outdoor large screen not only has the artistry of advertising creation, but also is an important portal for business and brand communication. This media form has great marketing value and quality.

It can be predicted that under the tide of digitalization and 5g commerce, the industry market will continue to deepen and integrate its understanding of networking and intelligence, and the specific advantages of outdoor LED screens will become more prominent.