Seamless splicing technology of two LED high-definition displays

What is seamless splicing technology?
How many seamless splicing technologies are there?
What are the advantages of led display seamless splicing technology?
What is seamless splicing technology?

Seamless stitching technology is a special and demanding projection display application. It can achieve multi-screen image fusion, reduce the stitching gap to infinitely small, and make the stitching technology completely overlap. Seamless stitching technology not only requires a complete large screen, but also has special requirements for projection of oversized images. The biggest difference between seamless splicing technology and BSV-LCD splicing technology is small gap.


How many seamless splicing technologies are there?

There are two main types of seamless splicing, one is the traditional large-screen display wall hard splicing technology, and the other is the projector seamless splicing technology using edge fusion technology.

The seamless LED splicing screen of the first LED technology is actually seamless when splicing. This is because the LED lamp beads are welded on the board, and it has no frame, so there is no obstacle when splicing. This is one of its major features. It is only that the resolution will vary according to different specifications and different point spacing. Generally, products with small spacing will be clearer when displaying images, and will be affected by different packaging technologies, The stability of its products will vary. Generally, LED seamless splicing screen is used in outdoor advertising occasions, which gives full play to its features of good full-screen display effect, waterproof, sunscreen and high brightness. At the same time, with the development and launch of LED products with small spacing, LED seamless splicing screens are increasingly used in indoor large-screen display occasions. For example, many conference rooms or product release centers will choose to use LED technology, but it has a certain dead light rate, so there will be a certain after-sales situation in the future.

The second kind of seamless LED splicing screen refers to the elimination of the original splicing frame through a LED fusion processing technology based on the traditional LED splicing screen, so as to achieve the visual effect of no splicing display. Its technical R&D assumption is based on the border barrier that the traditional mosaic screen cannot overcome. Because the mosaic screen has high resolution and good image quality, many indoor display occasions like to use the mosaic screen, but because it has a few millimeters of seam when splicing, resulting in the loss of effect when cross-screen display, many users wonder whether there is a mosaic screen that can achieve seamless display, that is, can maintain high definition, It can be spliced without seams like LED.


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What are the advantages of led display seamless splicing technology?

1. Solve the visual defect of division, completely seamless.

The seamless LED splicing technology can improve the screen resolution in a small area, ensure the screen texture, and meet the needs of users for close viewing. Compared with the existing splicing technology, LED physical seamless splicing can achieve cross-screen display. In terms of splicing, its level is not the size of the gap, but whether there is a gap.

2. Completely solve the problem of inconsistent brightness and chroma attenuation of the mosaic screen.

The application of seamless LED technology will effectively solve the problem of different brightness and chromaticity attenuation of the splicing large screen. This technology generally adopts point-by-point brightness and chroma correction technology to ensure the unity of brightness and chroma. For example, the application of point control technology creates a platform for users to correct chromaticity and brightness point by point, control screen pixels, and realize the height restoration of images. This technology has the function of SMS and email prompt at the same time, so that users can timely grasp the status information of the splicing wall.

3. Intensive display and control platform, processing all monitoring video sources.

Seamless LED technology-intensive excellent control platform ensures source video monitoring and management platform, creates and realizes effective management of video signals, computer signals and network signals for the Internet of Things, and provides users with better service reliability.

4. Power supply and powerful signal redundancy backup design ensure safe and reliable use.

In the design of seamless LED system, the redundancy of power supply and signal is backed up to reduce the problems in use.

5. Long service life, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost.

The service life of LED is longer than that of general display, and its maintenance and repair costs are relatively low. Free 6 ways to prolong the life of LED display.