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Top 10 Australian LED display suppliers

In Australia, with the rapid development of digital technology, LED screens play a crucial role in various events, exhibitions, and entertainment occasions. As cutting-edge technological devices, LED screens not only offer new possibilities for advertising, brand displays, and events but also provide audiences with more vivid and engaging visual experiences. This article will introduce the top ten LED screen rental companies in Australia, highlighting their outstanding performance in the digital display field, diverse services, and how they stand out in this innovative market.

Australian LED display suppliers

Table of Contents

1. Microhire
2. Show Support
3. AVPartners
4. Austage Events
5. Scene Change
6. LED Displays Australia Pty Ltd
7. Aurora Signage
8. Sign Tronic
9. Buy LED Screens
10. Event Pixels


1. Microhire

Company Information: Microhire is an event technology company based in Sydney, specializing in providing a range of technical equipment and services for various events. With extensive experience in audiovisual and event planning services for different event types, including conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, award nights, dinners, product launches, special occasions, national roadshows, press releases, and annual shareholder meetings.

Product Types: HD projectors, projection screens, edge-blending visual mixers, LCD screens, LED walls, HD cameras, PA systems, theater and intelligent lighting, curtains, stages, stage backdrops, computers, and more.

Product Features: Wireless network solutions, audience response systems, streaming services.

Show Support

2. Show Support

Company Information: Show Support is a Melbourne-based event technology company that provides comprehensive technical solutions across Australia. From stage crew and assembly workers to lighting, audio, and AV technology, Show Support is ready to provide the support you need when you need it.

Product Types: LED display screens, projection equipment, sound, and lighting systems.

Product Features: Global service coverage, providing one-stop technical support.


3. AVPartners

Company Information: AVPartners is a global audiovisual technology service provider, offering fully integrated event solutions for top conferences and event venues in Australia. From board meetings to corporate events, from banquets to weddings, AVPartners brings expertise, innovation, and cutting-edge technology to turn your vision into reality. As a leading AV outsourcing company, we ensure that our equipment is state-of-the-art to maintain our position as market leaders in the industry.

Product Types: LED screens, sound equipment, event technology services.

Product Features: Innovative technology integration, focus on customer experience.

Austage Events

4. Austage Events

Company Information: Austage Events is a nationwide professional event technology service provider in Australia. Austage Events has a team of in-house technical directors leading in technical guidance, passionate about turning your event vision into reality. All our technical directors are experts in AV technology production, providing full support from concept and planning to event management and execution.

Product Types: Rental LED floor screen, projection equipment, sound and lighting technology.

Product Features: Austage Events has an extensive range of high-tech equipment available nationwide, including lighting, stages, rigging, large screens, and speaker systems. We will always have the right technology for your event and budget.

Scene Change

5. Scene Change

Company Information: Scene Change is based in Brisbane and is an international event technology company offering creative design and technical solutions. Scene Change leads the Australian AV industry, keeping our team united during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we hire smart, experienced, and long-term collaborators to support your performances.

Product Types: LED poster screen, projection technology, stage design.

Product Features: Emphasis on creative design, providing comprehensive technical solutions.

LED Displays Australia Pty Ltd

6. LED Displays Australia Pty Ltd

Company Information: LED Displays Australia Pty Ltd is an innovator in the market for LED video displays and LED signs. Our goal is to offer customers the highest quality screens at the most competitive prices. We manufacture to the highest standards, using only the best components from the most reliable manufacturers worldwide.

Product Types: Flexible LED display, sound equipment, lighting technology.

Product Features: LED Displays Australia Pty Ltd sources the highest quality products from some of the world’s largest and most reputable manufacturers. We are confident in the products we provide and the services we offer, providing a minimum of three years warranty for our supply and installation.

Aurora Signage

7. Aurora Signage

Company Information: Established in 2006, Aurora Signage is a premium LED display product manufacturer with over 13 years of experience in designing and implementing fixed video walls, indoor, outdoor, flexible, frameless, fixed cabinets, and custom LED solutions. With offices in Australia, Hong Kong, and China, and a distribution network and manufacturing/engineering factory locally in Australia.

Product Types: LED advertising screen, sound, and lighting technology.

Product Features: Aurora Signage has a nationwide support network, providing service tracking, spare parts, and batch management, with a focus on creative design and offering comprehensive technical solutions using industry-leading chips, fixtures, and peripheral hardware.

Sign Tronic

8. Sign Tronic

Company Information: With over 25 years of experience, Sign Tronic specializes in high-quality indoor and outdoor signs, stretch ceilings, LED screens, and LED displays across Australia. Since 1990, we have built a diverse and loyal customer base, including some of Australia’s leading retail and corporate companies.

Product Types: Outdoor LED display, 3D signs, stretch ceilings, large-format digital printing, and lightboxes.

Product Features: Sign Tronic supplies, installs, and maintains a full range of products across Australia from our manufacturing facility in Sydney. We provide comprehensive warranties for our products.

Buy LED Screens

9. Buy LED Screens

Company Information: Buy LED Screens has an experienced team of installers and technicians. Each step, from raw materials to design, manufacturing, assembly, and aging testing, is meticulously carried out. Technical support for customers can be done on-site or remotely. Most LED screens are pre-programmed for smooth installation.

Product Types: Cube led billboard, sound equipment, projection technology.

Product Features: Buy LED Screens offers a 36-month warranty for all its products and provides a lifetime maintenance package tailored to each customer’s requirements.

Event Pixels

10. Event Pixels

Company Information: Established in 2016, Event Pixels focuses on providing a variety of LED screens that meet industry-standard specifications at affordable prices. Proudly owned and operated by Australians, Event Pixels combines extensive research and development with significant industry practice to offer consistently reliable, high-quality innovative solutions.

Product Types: Indoor LED billboard, Transparent led screen, holographic screen, 3 sides led display.

Product Features: Event Pixels offers a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for all screens. Installation screens in the Event Pixels series are custom ordered, and technical personnel are provided to assist in purchasing the first screen.

LED display suppliers in Australia

Through this introduction, we gain a comprehensive understanding of LED display suppliers in Australia. These outstanding suppliers excel in technological research and development, product quality, and after-sales service, injecting vitality into the Australian LED display market. In the future, with continuous technological advancement, we believe that the LED display industry in Australia will continue to thrive, providing global users with more high-quality products and services.

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