This is the indoor LED display screen from Japanese Epic Watch Shop.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM GMT+00:00

This is the indoor LED display screen from Japanese Epic Watch Shop. The model is P1.875, GOB, die cast aluminum box, 480 × 480mm。 The famous brand Abby watch is using Sostron\'s led display screen. Your product and brand need a display screen to promote. Take action now! What are the advantages of indoor led display? More energy-saving The indoor LED display screen mainly uses semiconductor light-emitting diode II_ The electrode tube, also known as LED, is very energy-saving, and the maximum power consumption under normal working conditions is 0.06W. Therefore, indoor led display can also play a good role in energy saving. The overall thickness is thinner and the weight is lighter With the continuous development of industrial science and technology, the indoor LED display screen box is no longer made of iron boxes. Instead, it is made of lighter, larger and more flexible aviation materials. Therefore, the current indoor LED display screen has a thinner, lighter box, which can effectively reduce the load of buildings during installation. Better protection The small pitch indoor led display screen is made of environment-friendly materials with special technology, which is dust-proof, waterproof and can effectively resist ultraviolet radiation. It effectively protects and extends the service life of LED display.