Italian luxury brand - PRADA

Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 6:30:31 AM GMT+00:00

Italian luxury brand - PRADA is using our indoor LED display for brand marketing. Have you not used the display to promote your products? Why is it recommended to use indoor led display screen in shopping malls? Led Mall's advertising images have strong visual impact, especially those of fashion. Bright advertisements can enhance the consumption atmosphere and easily stimulate consumers' desire to buy. The LED shopping mall advertising screen can also beautify the external square of the shopping mall through digital technology, sound and other means to form a beautiful landscape, thus attracting the attention of consumers. Led Mall's advertising screen has the characteristics of large size, dynamic effect, harmony and painting, which can fully touch the audience's senses and effectively convey information to guide consumption. The audience is faced with overwhelming advertisements. Due to the limited and unlimited storage space, the attention of the advertising screen in LED shopping malls has gradually become a scarce resource, so the attention economy has become the largest scale of testing.