McDonald's, a large multinational chain restaurant in the world

Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 6:34:31 AM GMT+00:00

McDonald\'s, a large multinational chain restaurant in the world, uses the outdoor led display to display the food, price, promotional activities and other contents, which are clearly visible, and more easily stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Benefits of outdoor led display in catering industry Shop signs Exquisite full-color doorways or shop signs can display shop signs, food pictures and relevant preferential information in HD image quality cycle, catch the eye of pedestrians in an instant, attract customers to stop and understand, and attract customers without sending leaflets~ Information broadcast During the process of attracting consumers to order and eat, they can display and broadcast the main products, ingenious production and other promotional pictures or videos through LED display screen, so as to guide and promote consumers' desire and choice of consumption. Environmental construction The dining environment is an operation link that the catering industry must pay attention to- An LED screen with appropriate content playing in the right position can play an intuitive role in creating the environment of the restaurant. Through the LED display screen, you can flexibly switch the playback content, use high-definition pictures, different styles and themes, and integrate with the general environment, giving a pleasant dining experience. Emotional rendering The coffee shop and beverage shop use Sanzhi photoelectric screen, which can be used to display the main tea drinks, desserts and simple meals, and also to create an elegant atmosphere. High definition high brush, high gray low brightness, excellent picture quality, every detail is displayed perfectly, which adds to the petty bourgeoisie sentiment.