What is the dot pitch of the LED screen?

Sep 13, 2022, 1:40:43 AM

What is point spacing?

Dot pitch, pitch and pixel pitch are the same meaning. They refer to the distance from the center of a lamp bead to the center of an adjacent lamp bead in the LED display screen, in millimeters.

In the industry, the letter "P" in the word "pixel pitch" is also commonly used to abbreviate the dot pitch. For example, the screen with 1.5mm dot pitch is called P1.5, and the screen with 2mm dot pitch is called P2. Other point spacing, and so on. In addition, the dot spacing is often combined with the product series name.


Importance of point spacing

The smaller the dot spacing, the greater the pixel density, the higher the resolution, the closer the viewing distance, the more delicate the displayed image, and the better the visual effect of the final people. Of course, the cost is relatively high.

In contrast, the larger the dot spacing, the smaller the pixel density, the smaller the resolution, and the farther the viewing distance, the less delicate the displayed image will be. Finally, in order to obtain better and more delicate visual effects with a large dot spacing, the viewing distance must be extended. Of course, the cost is relatively low.

What is the spacing between LED screens?

The indoor LED display has the following spacing: p2.5, p2.0, p1.92, p1.87, P1, 83, p1.56, p1.58, p1.56, p1.26, p1.25, P1.0, etc. Among them, p2.5, p2.0, p1.875, p1.56 and p1.25 are commonly used indoors, and other differentiated models are mostly used for bidding control; And those used outdoors are: P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, p16, P20, etc. at present, the in-line LED display with a pitch of more than 16 points is not very common, but P3, P4, P5, P6, P8 are commonly used.

The above are led displays with regular dot spacing, but in addition to these ordinary LED displays, there are triangles, circles, arcs, trapezoids, etc. the dot spacing of large LED screens used to make special shapes is slightly different, about close to the side, and may be smaller. There are also led transparent screens, with common spacing of 2.8 * 5.6, 2.91 * 7.8, etc. In addition to the above, the newly developed cob LED display has broken through the packaging process of small spacing of SMD packaged LEDs, and the dot spacing has been made smaller. Cob1.58, cob1.56, cob1.26, cob1.25 and other models are also cob0.97, cob0.92, cob0.79, cob0.62 and other models of cob display.


dot pitch

How to customize a suitable LED screen?

If the large LED screen you choose is large enough, do not look at the price.

The main factor affecting the sales of LED large screen is price. Although everyone knows your payment principle, when you choose the manufacturer of LED large screen, you will unconsciously lower the price. The price gap is too large, which leads customers to neglect quality. But in actual use, you may think that price difference is actually poor quality.

The technical specifications should not be too high

In general, customers who buy LED electronic screens will choose multiple manufacturers for evaluation, and then decide to provide large screen LEDs. Price and technical parameters are two important evaluation items. The same price and technical parameters will also become winners and losers. Many users think that the higher the parameter value, the better the display quality.