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What is the on-board display screen? What are its advantages?

What is the on-board display screen?

LED vehicle mounted screen is a device that is installed on the vehicle and uses special power supply, control card and unit board to display text, pictures, animation and video through dot matrix lighting. It is an independent set of LED vehicle mounted display system with the rapid development of LED display screen. Compared with ordinary door head screen and fixed and immovable LED display screen, it has higher requirements on stability, anti-interference, anti vibration, dust prevention, etc. It is usually a LCD screen with external voice, readable SD card, USB, Bluetooth and other functions. Vehicle mounted LED display is an extension of advertising media LED.

Characteristics of on-board display screen

As a media release tool, LED advertising display of buses and taxis, compared with traditional advertising release media, has the characteristics of strong mobility, wide release area, high effective arrival rate of information, and is not limited by time and space; The unique publicity effect and low advertising price will attract more business attention. These characteristics determine that the advertising platform with buses and taxis as the carrier will weave the largest media network in the city.

on-board display screen

Advantages of on-board LED display

The mobile media has stronger communication, wider coverage and better effect.

Compared with other LED displays, the on-board LED is always in motion. Advertising information can be broadcasted on the road at any time along with the vehicle, which has stronger communication ability and larger coverage than fixed advertising platforms.

High brightness, strong adaptability, all-weather playback.

Ultra high brightness LED is used, which can still be clearly seen under the sun for a long distance. From south to north, from east to west, cold, hot, dry and wet environments are suitable.

It is easy to operate and use.

It is very convenient to change information and play videos, whether using a computer or a mobile phone.

Modular design, reliable performance and convenient maintenance.

Display, control and power supply are designed separately, forming a module, which is more stable and convenient for maintenance.

on-board display screen

Application scenario of on-board display screen

Rear window LED display

It is generally used for the display on the rear window of buses, taxis and engineering vehicles, with text content as the main and pictures as the auxiliary.

Roof LED display

It is mostly used to display text messages. There are GSM, GPRS, GPS and other vehicle mounted screens, which are usually used on the top of taxis. They not only serve as taxi light boxes, but also display advertisements. Let mobile media run all over the city.

Bus LED display

The good image of public transport plays an important role. It can obtain timely news, weather forecast advertising and other information through wireless, and can simultaneously display comprehensive information such as station announcement information.

Future of on-board display

With the maturity of 5G technology, the Internet of Everything and the promotion of intelligence have also promoted the development of the LED display industry. As a subdivision of this industry, LED car screens have many untapped blue ocean markets. In recent years, with the relaxation of vehicle mounted display control policies, the successful pilot of domestic full-color public transport advertising screens in many cities, and the widespread use of smart cars, the application fields of LED vehicle mounted displays have increased, and the vehicle mounted LED display market has shown unprecedented vitality.

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