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sPad - Indoor / outdoor rental led screen



Indoor & outdoor dicasting screen with curve options
Curved Function Optional
Creative installaltion, can add curved function according to different usages.

Outdoor Stage-use
High brightness.

The waterway led screen,On the weekend,you should go to waterway,find a coffeeshop,have a drink and enjoy content from big led display.

Pixel pitch (mm)1.952.52.973.914.815.95
Density (dots/sqm)262985160000113367654104322228247
Module resolution (dots)16437100007085408827011765
Module width (mm)250250250250250250
Module height (mm)250250250250250250
Cabinet width (mm)500500500(1000/500/1000/500)(1000/500/1000/500)(1000/500)
Cabinet height (mm)500500500500500500
Cabinet depth757575757575
Resolution (dots)657464000028342(32705/16353/32705/16353)(21611/10806/21611/10806)(14123/7062)
Weight (kg)88(8/9)(13/8/14/9)(13/8/14/9)(14/9)
Max brightness (cd/sqm)8001000(1000/4500)(1000/1000/4500/4500)(800/800/4500/4500)4500
Color temperature (k)650065006500650065006500
Contrast ratio5000:15000:1(5000:1/4000:1)(5000:1/5000:1/4000:1/4000:1)(5000:1/5000:1/4000:1/4000:1)4000:1
Max power (w)100100(100/135)(130/100/280/142)(200/100/260/130)(260/130)
Average power (w)6565(65/96)(86/65/168/98)(150/65/140/85)(140/85)
Voltage (v)110-220110-220110-220110-220110-220110-220
Driving method1/321/25(1/24/1/12)(1/16/1/16/1/12/1/8)1/131/7
Screen FPS (hz)606060606060


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What is the main difference between indoor and outdoor LED rental screens?

Indoor LED rental screens are typically designed for indoor environments; they may not have waterproof features but have lower brightness suitable for close viewing. Outdoor LED rental screens, on the other hand, are designed for outdoor environments, with waterproof and dustproof features (such as IP65 rating), and higher brightness suitable for long-distance viewing.

What technical specifications should I consider when renting an LED screen?

When renting, you should consider technical specifications including pixel pitch (e.g., P2.0mm, P3.0mm, etc.), pixel density (such as the number of dots per square meter), brightness (in nits), refresh rate (such as 3840Hz), input voltage range (such as 110-220V), and protection level (such as IP65).

How do I choose the right LED rental screen to meet my event needs?

Choosing the right LED rental screen requires considering the nature of the event (such as sports, concerts, commercial advertisements, etc.), the distance and viewing angle of the audience, the environment of the event venue (indoor or outdoor), and budget. For example, outdoor events may require brighter screens and higher protection levels.

What does the cost of renting an LED screen typically include?

The cost of renting an LED screen may include the rental fee for the screen itself, installation and dismantling service fees, technical support fees, transportation fees, and possible additional accessories or custom service fees.

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