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Reta 2 - Small pitch LED display

Small pitch LED display - Reta2

Ultra-Thin Design

The Reta 2 small pitch LED display features an ultra-light, ultra-thin design with cable-free connections and a modular structure. It offers a variety of pixel pitch options to meet the display needs of different scenarios.

Small pitch LED display - Reta2

Exceptional Display Quality

It boasts high stability, high precision display, wide viewing angle, accurate colors, energy efficiency, and long lifespan, ensuring excellent display quality and low maintenance costs.

Small pitch LED display - Reta2


Reta 2 enhances brand image by providing high-definition, realistic display effects, capturing customer attention, and improving information transmission efficiency. It is suitable for various commercial and educational environments, offering significant market competitiveness and economic benefits to customers.

Small pitch LED display
Pixel pitch (mm)
LED TypeSMD1212SMD1515SMD1515SMD1515SMD1515SMD2121
Pixel Density (m²)640,000pixels/m²422,754pixels/m²360,288pixels/m²284,444pixels/m250,000pixels/m²160,000pixels/m²
Module Dimensions(mm)W320×H160W320×H160W320×H160W320×H160W320×H160W320×H160
Panel Dimensions (mm)640×640×30640×640×30640×640×30640×640×30640×640 ×30640×640×30
Resolution of Module (Wx H)256×128208×104200×100172×86160×80128×64
Resolution of Panel (W× H)512×512416×416400×400344×344320×320256×256
Weight Per Panel6.5KGS
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting Aluminum
Maintenance wayF
IP RatingIP21
Brightness (after Cal.)600-800nits
Refresh Rate3840HZ
Horizontal Viewing Angle160°
Vertical Viewing Angle160°
Color temperature6500K±500K
Average Power Consumption220w/m²
Max Power Consumption550 w
Operating Temp/Humidity-20-45*C/ 10%~60%
Expected LED Lifetime (Max)100,000 Hrs
CertificateETL/ FCC/CE / EMC /Rohs

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What is the optimal pixel pitch for Reta 2?

The optimal pixel pitch depends on the viewing distance and the required image clarity. Reta 2 offers multiple pixel pitch options ranging from P1.25mm to P2.5mm to suit different application scenarios.

How do brightness and refresh rate of Reta 2 affect the viewing experience?

Brightness and refresh rate are crucial factors that influence the viewing experience. Reta 2 provides a brightness of 600-800 nits and a refresh rate of 3840Hz, ensuring clear, smooth, and flicker-free images.

Is the maintenance cost of small pitch LED displays high?

The modular design and high stability of Reta 2 result in lower maintenance costs. Additionally, its LED lifespan is up to 100,000 hours, further reducing long-term operational costs.

How is Reta 2 energy efficient?

Reta 2 has an average power consumption of 220W per square meter and a maximum power consumption of 550W per square meter, making it more energy-efficient compared to traditional displays.

How do you choose the right small pitch LED display for your business needs?

When choosing a small pitch LED display, consider pixel pitch, brightness, refresh rate, energy consumption, and budget. Reta 2 offers various specifications and sizes to meet different business needs.

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