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Hima - Indoor and outdoor advertising screens for rent


90° Installation

The 45° cut-angle cabinet satisfies more creative designs and more viewing angle experience.

Floor Screen

Floor screens + interactive devices make the event more interesting. Increase audience participation.

Movable Conference Screen

When a party or activity is to be held, a flexible movable digital screen can inspire more creativity absolutely.

Movable Conference Screen

When a party or activity is to be held, a flexible movable digital screen can inspire more creativity absolutely.


Aluminum with die-casting technique. Fast mass production and excellent cabinet flatness with high precision position.

Dimension & Weight

500*500mm (W*H)

Built-in Handle

It’s convenient to hold and does not take up installation space to ensure that the entire screen is seamless.

Pixel pitch (mm)
LEDmini 4in1SMD2020SMD1921(SMD1921/SMD2020/SMD2020/SMD2020)
Density (dots/sqm)27700814792911890665746
Module resolution (dots)17313924674324109
Module width (mm)250250250250
Module height (mm)250250250250
Cabinet width (mm)500500500500
Cabinet height (mm)500500500500
Cabinet depth75757575
Resolution (dots)69252369822972716437
Weight (kg)
MaterialDie-casting aluminiumDie-casting aluminiumDie-casting aluminiumDie-casting aluminium
MaintainFront rearFront rearFront rearFront rear
Max brightness (cd/sqm)150010001000(5500/1000/1000/1000)
Color temperature (k)6500650065006500
Contrast ratio5000:15000:1(5000:1/4000:1)(5000:1/5000:1/4000:1/4000:1)
Max power (w)65135600(600/168/98/168/98/168/98)
Average power (w)65100240(240/86/65//86/65//86/65/)
Voltage typeACACACAC
Voltage (v)110-220110-220110-220110-220
Driving method1/161/241/121/8
Screen FPS (hz)60606060


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What key factors should I consider when renting an LED screen?

When renting an LED screen, key factors to consider include the screen size, resolution, brightness, pixel pitch, refresh rate, protection level (such as IP rating), ease of installation and dismantling, rental cost, and the supplier's service and support.

How is the load-bearing capacity of LED floor screens, and are they suitable for all types of events?

The load-bearing capacity of LED floor screens depends on their design and manufacturing materials. High-quality LED floor screens can withstand considerable weight, making them suitable for various types of events. However, the specific load-bearing capacity should be determined based on the specifications provided by the manufacturer to ensure the screen is suitable for the intended event type.

How do LED floor screens achieve interactive functionality?

LED floor screens can achieve interactive functionality by integrating sensors and software. When people walk on or touch the screen, sensors can detect the movement and trigger preset visual effects or game interactions, providing an interactive experience.

What is the cost of LED floor screens, and is renting or buying more cost-effective?

The cost of LED floor screens depends on various factors, including the screen size, resolution, interactive features, and manufacturer. Renting is usually suitable for short-term events or projects, while buying is appropriate for long-term and frequent use. A cost-benefit analysis should be based on specific needs, budget, and frequency of use to decide.

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