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sPoster - LED poster screen


Plug & Play Media Player

The second generation LED sPoster can be integrated with Novastar synchronous and asynchronous control system, can plug and play with zero setting,it’s fast and simple for end users maintenance.

Seamless Splicing

Seamless splice to make a big screen.

Cluster Management & Internet

Intelligent cluster management,it can remote centralized management audit,precision marketing mode,to double advertising value.

Bright, Adjustable & High Protection

Up to 1,200nits brightness, support synchronous asynchronous dual mode function.

Pixel pitch (mm)1.82.53
Density (dots/sqm)308642160000111111
Module resolution (dots)1137840964096
Module width (mm)192160192
Module height (mm)192160192
Cabinet width (mm)576640576
Cabinet height (mm)192019201920
Cabinet depth707070
Resolution (dots)341333196608122880
Weight (kg)252525
Max brightness (cd/sqm)800800800
Color temperature (k)650065006500
Contrast ratio5000:15000:15000:1
Max power (w)200200200
Average power (w)150150150
Voltage typeACACAC
Voltage (v)110-220110-220110-220
Driving method1/321/321/32
Screen FPS (hz)606060


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What are the main advantages of LED advertising machines?

The main advantages of LED advertising machines include high brightness, low energy consumption, long lifespan, high resolution, and color saturation. They can attract the attention of viewers from a distance and are suitable for playing advertisements and information continuously 24 hours a day.

What occasions are LED advertising machines suitable for?

LED advertising machines are suitable for various occasions, including commercial centers, shopping malls, airports, train stations, bus stations, streets, sports venues, etc. They can be used to play advertisements, news, weather forecasts, emergency notifications, and other information.

How to choose an LED advertising machine that suits your needs?

When choosing an LED advertising machine, consider the screen size, resolution, brightness, pixel pitch, refresh rate, protection level, energy consumption, and budget. In addition, consider the supplier's reputation, after-sales service, and technical support.

Is the maintenance cost of LED advertising machines high?

The maintenance cost of LED advertising machines is relatively low because LED technology is very durable and energy-efficient. Routine maintenance includes cleaning the screen, checking power and signal connections, and regularly inspecting hardware. However, the specific maintenance cost may vary depending on the frequency of use and environmental conditions of the advertising machine.

How can LED advertising machines help improve advertising effectiveness?

LED advertising machines attract viewers with dynamic videos and images, providing a stronger visual impact than traditional static advertisements. They can play high-definition content, support various media formats, and improve the flexibility and effectiveness of advertising through scheduled playlists and remote content updates.

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