Three common flexible LED displays

From the original conventional LED display screen to the special-shaped LED display screen, from the special-shaped LED display screen to the soft-mode LED display screen, from the soft-mode LED display screen to the current flexible LED display screen. Flexible LED display screen is mainly composed of circuit board and LED chip made of a special flexible material. It has a large bending range and is often used to make LED display screens of various shapes.


Led cylindrical screen

1. Led cylindrical screen

Cylindrical led display screen plays a unique role in some scenes and is widely used in subways, airports, stations, shopping malls, etc. Cylindrical led display screen is made of high-quality soft film. Designers will add flexible LED display screens to these columns, which not only looks beautiful, but also can put commercial advertisements. Sostron has a professional flexible film group production line and an automatic production line, which can enable the flexible film group to play an ultra-high performance and provide high-quality, high-performance customized solutions for cylindrical led displays.


LED ribbon screen

2. LED ribbon screen

Led ribbon display screen is generally used in shopping malls, squares, stages, exhibition halls and other places. The flexible screen adopts pcb, which not only has bright color and strong stereoscopic sense, but also is creative. Undoubtedly, the ultimate goal of the seller to shape the advertising brand is to publicize and plan the product information, attract the overall target consumers, and make great profits as much as possible. And led ribbon display is just a high-quality choice to better accomplish this goal.


LED ribbon screen

3. LED arc screen

The curved surface of the arc LED display screen can be divided into outer arc, inner arc and arc. We usually use the arc display screen with plane shape as the main part in the market. The installation mode of the arc LED electronic screen can generally choose two modes: module magnetic suction installation and arc box splicing. Because of the large radian of the LED arc screen, the module magnetic attraction can not be horizontally spliced, but vertically spliced. The stitching of this splicing method will be small, the radian of the screen body will be smooth, and the transition will be more natural. It is easier to splice the vertical module to form a large-arc LED display screen, but it is different from the traditional horizontal installation. Therefore, LED display manufacturers need to pay attention to the production, design, installation and commissioning, so as to debug the screen into a complete picture. In this way, the arc-shaped LED electronic screen can maximize the effectiveness of the LED display. The arc-shaped LED display came into being and is mainly used in commercial buildings, real estate buildings, hotels and other places.