What is an LED poster? What are its advantages?

Jun 20, 2022, 6:58:15 AM

Led mirror screen is called "mirror screen", which is evolved from and belongs to a subdivision of small spacing LED display screen.

In recent years, with the progress of technology and the diversification of market demand, the extension of LED display towards various market segments is accelerating. It is noteworthy that after the professional display market such as the command and dispatching center has gained a firm foothold, the LED screen has begun to take steps towards the commercial, educational and other fields with deeper market capacity. Among them, the application of LED poster screen is quite noteworthy.


LED poster

Advantages of LED mirror advertising screen

1.light and thin screen, front maintenance, high-end atmosphere, fashion and novelty in appearance design, flexible and changeable installation methods, which can meet the installation requirements of a variety of application scenarios.

2.the system adopts zero setting design, which is simple and convenient to operate, and advertising plug and play. It can also be intelligently monitored and managed through the show machine app, so that everything can be mastered. The LED "mirror screen" can be spliced at will, so it has larger area, wider viewing angle, more eye-catching and stronger visual impact than traditional LCD and DLP.


3.in the static state, the requirements for color and definition are more obvious than those in the dynamic video. The viewer watches more carefully in the static state, and has excellent skills in dealing with close-up ink and ripples.

4.stability. It can control the static picture to jump in a few seconds, without the phenomenon of fast and slow. There is also stability in control management system and information release.

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