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What is an LED board? It has these four functions!

With the development of LED lamps and lanterns industry, LED panel lamps as LED backlights have uniform light, no glare and Exquisite, loved by many people, is a new trend of modern and fashionable indoor lighting.

LED lamps are sensitive and have negative temperature characteristics. They have high requirements for service conditions. Devices are required to stabilize and protect them during use. This leads to the LED driver, and the circuit board we see is the constant current driver of the LED. Some relatively cheap lamps use resistance capacitance step-down drive, but there are not many of them now. Here, constant current drive is taken as an example.

LED billboards

What does a LED board do?

1. Provide stable and reliable output voltage, and adjust the output current according to the load size, so as to protect the lamps from burning due to high current.

2. To prevent the LED from being damaged by lightning strike and surge voltage, and the grid voltage is not always stable. Constant current drive can provide overvoltage and overcurrent protection.

3. Adjust the brightness of each lamp bead so that the overall brightness is the same.

4. For voltage reduction, LED lamps are different from incandescent lamps we have always used. They can not directly add AC 220 voltage. Their working voltage is DC 2-3v. The constant current drive can convert the AC220V voltage in the home power supply circuit into the DC voltage required by the LED lamps.

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