Cross-country customer visits

Friday, June 9, 2023 at 7:25:26 AM GMT+00:00

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I am pleased to share with you my recent trip abroad to visit clients. In the past month, I had the honor to travel to Padua, Verona, Rovereto, Bolzano, Milan in Italy, as well as to Impia, Florence, Ancona, Zagreb in Croatia, Rome, Fermo, Bergamo, and Naples in Italy, and conducted in-depth exchanges with more than 20 customers on LED display projects.

This visit was very important for our company, not only to strengthen the relationship with existing customers, but also to pave the way for future cooperation. I sat down with each customer to personally understand their needs and expectations, while also introducing them to our company's latest products and solutions. Such face-to-face communication has undoubtedly enhanced our trust and willingness to cooperate.

Cross-country customer visits

Throughout the trip, I met many warm and friendly customers. They expressed great interest in our products and made some valuable suggestions and feedback. This allows us to better understand market needs and further improve our products and services. These interactions not only enhance the connection between us and our customers, but also provide more opportunities for future cooperation.

Of course, the trip had its challenges. The cost of transportation during the trip was 11,500 yuan, the cost of accommodation was 18,400 yuan, and the cost of food and beverage was 5,600 yuan. Although these expenses are necessary, we should always maintain budget awareness and ensure the quality and effectiveness of customer visits while controlling expenses.

Looking back on this trip, I feel that it was a valuable experience. Not only on a business level, I also had the opportunity to experience the culture and customs of different countries and cities. This cross-cultural experience is essential for broadening horizons and enhancing relationships, and it makes me more open and adaptable to people from different backgrounds.

Finally, I would like to thank the company for giving me the opportunity to visit clients abroad, as well as my colleagues for their support and understanding in my absence. This trip gave me a deeper understanding of our customers' needs and market dynamics, and also laid a solid foundation for the company's future development.

From: Allen