What is a transparent LED screen? What are its advantages?

Jul 29, 2022, 2:14:48 AM

In the past two years, the LED transparent display has achieved greater technological breakthroughs than before, successfully built a new transparent display, and successfully pushed the LED transparent display to another peak.

What is led transparent screen?

The realization principle of transparent LED display screen is the micro innovation of light strip screen, and targeted improvements have been made to the chip manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, and control system. Coupled with the hollowed out design structure, it reduces the obstruction of structural components to the line of sight, and maximizes the perspective effect. Led transparent screen is a new type of ultra transparent LED display technology. It has a permeability of 70% - 95%, and the panel thickness is only 10mm. The LED unit panel can be installed close to the glass from behind the glass. The unit size can be customized according to the glass size, which has little impact on the daylighting perspective of the glass curtain wall, and is convenient for installation and maintenance.


Advantages of LED transparent screen

high permeability

Traditional screens are opaque, just like walls. However, the penetration rate of LED transparent screen is as high as 65%-90, there is no shadow, and there seems to be no object at all, without affecting the beauty of the building.

Die cast aluminum box, lightweight design

The LED transparent screen is an extremely lightweight design. The weight of one side is 12 kg, and one hand can be lifted at will. Compared with the traditional display, which is often 30 kg / m2, it is very small.

Simple installation and convenient maintenance

Due to its light weight, the LED transparent screen greatly reduces its dependence on the steel structure. Only the light bar module needs to be replaced in case of damage. The operation can be carried out indoors, which is simple and fast. These two points are unmatched by traditional LED displays.

Energy conservation and environmental protection

Led transparent screen has good heat dissipation performance and does not need an independent air conditioning system, but this heat dissipation system is essential in traditional display screens. After testing, the LED transparent screen saves more than 30% energy than the traditional screen and is more environmentally friendly.


transparent LED screen


Five application scenarios of LED transparent display screen

[stage] the LED transparent screen adopts SMD technology of surface mount device, and the shape design is not limited by the box structure. It can be customized according to the stage shape. The permeability and lightness of the LED display body can be used to lengthen the depth of field of the overall picture, which is conducive to the rendering of stage effect and moving atmosphere, and perfectly express the stage theme.

[shopping malls] the transparent display screen with a sense of science and technology is undoubtedly a sharp weapon for advertising activities. The interactive combination of modern art and store modeling can effectively attract consumers' attention and increase the audience rate of advertising, so as to increase passenger flow and make advertising cool and beautiful.
[glass window] as long as there is glass, transparent LED display equipment can be installed, which is simple and fast. It can be installed and designed in the interior of buildings, interior decoration, glass window decoration and other fields, bringing revolutionary changes to retailers.

[architectural media] architectural media has made great progress in recent years, especially in the decommissioning of glass curtain wall buildings. The design of LED light bar screen and led transparent ceiling has become a unique display screen solution that businesses like.

[science and technology venues] the special-shaped customized transparent LED display screen brings people a display of high-tech effects in modeling and viewing experience, and perceives the magic and mystery of science and technology through the screen.