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Five Elements of Dubai LED Display Stage Rental Design

For companies that often hold activities or performances, renting LED display screens is no stranger. These companies will choose some Dubai LED display leasing companies that often cooperate to cooperate in the leasing business. LED large screen leasing is a large LED screen specially used for stage performances and cultural activities. It is generally in the form of lease, so it is called LED lease screen. The packing box of LED rental screen is generally die-casting aluminum box, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly. Here is a detailed introduction to what led rental screen is.

LED display stage rental screen is generally divided into main screen, secondary screen, expansion screen, floor tile screen, etc. Before project installation, LED display manufacturer or engineering chamber of commerce will issue a complete set of solutions, such as LED rental screen spacing, installation site environment, steel structure drawing design, price, technical parameters, etc. Next, LED display manufacturer will briefly introduce the five elements of LED display stage rental design.

Stage LED display

Classification of Dubai LED display screen for stage rental

Main screen of stage rental

The main screen of Dubai LED display screen generally refers to a screen located in the center of the stage. It is rectangular in shape and has a 16:9 and 4:3 ratio or is installed according to the length and height specified by the customer. Its function is to play the content required by the stage performance. If it is live broadcast, the requirements for the refresh rate and display effect of LED display screen are relatively high. Generally, the refresh rate is 1920Hz or 3840Hz, the gray scale is 14bit or 16bit, the contrast is 3000:1 or 5000:1, and the models are P2.5, P3 P3.91, P4, P4.81, etc. (under the same screen area and configuration, the smaller the spacing, the higher the screen definition).

Stage rental sub screen

The secondary screen is the Dubai LED display screen on both sides of the main screen, which is usually 1-4 secondary screens on the left and right, customized according to customer requirements, and serves to set off the main screen. The display content is abstract, so the refresh rate and spacing requirements are relatively low. You can choose a screen with the same spacing as the main screen, or a screen with a larger spacing (lower cost), such as P5, P6, P6.25, etc.

Concert LED display

Stage leasing expansion screen

It is generally used in large venues, such as large parties, concerts, sports events and live broadcasts. Its role is to allow distant audiences to watch performances or events on the field by expanding the screen. The installation location is on the left and right sides of the venue. Because it is live broadcast, its screen size, refresh rate and display effect are similar to the requirements of the main screen. P2.5, P3, P3.91, P4 or P4.81 models can be selected.

Stage rental floor tile screen

The stage rental LED floor tile screen can be divided into fixed installation and rail mobile installation. If it is only used temporarily, the rail mobile installation can be selected, otherwise, the fixed installation can be selected. In general, in order to better contrast the atmosphere and present instant picture effects following human activities, LED display manufacturers will add interactive induction effects, that is, LED interactive floor tile screens, so as to achieve effects such as actors walking with the audience, water ripples appearing at the feet, flowers opening, etc. Its models are generally P3.91, P4, P4.81 and P5.

stage led display

Packaging Technology

The performance of the Dubai LED rental screen is related to the packaging process of the driver chip, lamp bead chip, bracket, gold wire, and LED display manufacturer. The commonly used indoor LED display screen is a three in one surface mount package, that is, three red, green and blue light points are packaged and synthesized in the same light emitting tube. SMD has the characteristics of good heat dissipation, uniform color, large light emission angle, good color mixing effect, soft light emission, and high-definition video playback. Generally, in order to make the indoor LED display screen have higher contrast, clearer color, longer service life, etc., SMD black light and money package are generally selected.

Screen point spacing for stage rental

The point spacing is what we usually call the pixel spacing, that is, the distance between lamp beads. Generally, the number behind P represents the spacing (unit: mm). For example, the point spacing of P2.5 is 2.5mm. The number behind P has another meaning, that is, the viewing distance (unit: m). For example, the viewing distance of P2.5 is 2.5 m. That is, when people stand at 2.5 m to watch the P2.5 LED display screen, there is no grainy feeling and stripes. Now, in order to pursue a more comfortable viewing effect, LED display manufacturers generally recommend making the screen a 16:9 golden ratio.

SoStron Rental display-Hima

LED screen stage rental shooting requirements

The LED rental screen with high brush and high gray can meet the requirements of high-definition photography. However, when the large screen switches to different pictures, or when the camera has different shooting angles and lens focal lengths, water ripples or other different colors can sometimes be seen. The reason for this phenomenon is that the spatial frequency of the CCD (or CMOS) pixel is close to the spatial frequency of the LED stripe in the image, resulting in moire.

This kind of moire phenomenon can be eliminated theoretically. LED display manufacturers choose to overlay a layer of optical treatment screen on the surface of LED display screen, which is composed of special light absorbing materials with a specific proportion and micro bead lens coating on the surface. Through the use of the optical screen, the LED screen changes from the original grid like light to continuous surface light, and the discrete LED pixel points are magnified and displayed, Finally, a continuous high-definition image is formed on the surface of the optical processing screen. While improving the contrast, it retains a high definition and eliminates the moire phenomenon.

Design of LED Display Panel Control Circuit

The display effect of the LED display screen is determined by the LED control part, that is, the control circuit is built with a high-performance single chip micro control chip. The controller sends control signals and data to the LED driver chip through the internal control program. After receiving the signals, the LED driver chip generates corresponding actions, so that each red, green and blue LED light-emitting chip can be controlled independently.

LED drive system

LED drive system includes constant current drive, voltage stabilizing circuit and constant voltage constant current drive. Its function is to receive color data and drive LED display screen to display according to the brightness value indicated by the data.

The output current of the constant current drive circuit is constant, and the output DC voltage changes with the change of load resistance. The whole circuit is not afraid of load short circuit, but it is strictly prohibited to open the load completely. The voltage stabilizing circuit outputs a fixed voltage, and the output current changes with the increase or decrease of the load. The whole circuit is not afraid of open load, but it is strictly prohibited to short the load completely. Constant voltage and current mode is the most ideal driving circuit. It not only detects LED current, but also controls LED voltage, which is conducive to improving LED life and reducing power consumption. It is generally used in high-end LED products.

Control system

The Dubai LED display control system controls the power output of the LED, and the display effect of the stage rental screen depends on the size and time of the voltage and current passing through it. At present, high reliability LED power supply generally adopts PWM (pulse modulation) control mode, whose output voltage or current is very stable, and the conversion rate is as high as 80% – 90%.

PWM can control the time ratio of LED on and off. By dividing the time ratio into several levels, LED can display a corresponding number of gray levels (gray scale). The product of the gray levels of three primary colors is the number of colors that can be reproduced on the display screen in theory, which is generally 256 levels. The number of colors 256 * 256 * 256 is equal to 16.7M, and can display 24 bit true color information. In order to avoid flickering and scanning lines during viewing, the frequency of PWM is generally greater than 100Hz, the gray level of leased LED display screen is 14bit or above, and the refresh rate is above 1920Hz, while the refresh rate of good LED leased display screen can be as high as 3840Hz or above, which can meet the requirements of high definition camera shooting without stripes.How do I protect my LED screen? You need to master these 10 points of knowledge.

Mixed connection mode and loop backup

In order to avoid the failure of the Dubai LED rental screen in use, the LED display manufacturer suggests that the customer choose the mixed connection mode, that is, use the series and parallel connection mode in the large screen for grouping and parallel connection, and then connect each group in series. This mode can make the current and voltage flowing through each LED the same, and the brightness the same. In order to avoid high LED temperature, LED temperature negative feedback can be added in the constant current output. In addition, the loop backup function is also required, that is, when a power supply fails, other standby power supplies will automatically replace the damaged power supply and continue to work, without affecting the normal use of the LED rental screen.

With regard to the five elements of the stage rental design of LED display screen, including the classification of the stage rental screen, the size of point spacing, packaging technology, shooting requirements and control circuit design, in order to ensure that the live broadcast of the stage rental screen has no stripes, LED display screen is required to have the requirements of high brushing and high gray. Secondly, in order to ensure the normal operation of the screen, loop backup should be selected.

Finally, in order to ensure the safety and normal use of the leased screen, the leased screen generally needs to be equipped with a professional display installation team, but this will increase the customer’s budget cost. Therefore, the manufacturer should design the product from the perspective of convenient installation and disassembly, so that the general installation personnel can easily disassemble the leased screen, reduce the customer’s installation labor cost, and improve the installation efficiency.

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