Professional consultant analyzes led rental screen

Aug 24, 2022, 2:29:33 AM

Characteristics of LED rental screen

Lightweight and ultra-thin

The box of the traditional LED display screen is mainly SPCC, commonly known as "iron box". The thin plate is made into the shape of the box through bending, welding, spraying and other processes. The cost is relatively low, but its disadvantage is that the box is too heavy, and the weight per square meter of the display screen is more than 60kg, which is very heavy. The LED rental screen box used in the stage performance industry is basically an aluminum box. The weight of the aluminum box is about 30-50kg / m2, which has the characteristics of light weight and good thermal conductivity.

Small error, zero seam

Because the traditional box of LED display adopts the processing method of sheet metal, the iron plate or aluminum plate is formed by bending and welding production process. Due to the large error of such processing process and easy deformation after processing, the error is in the millimeter level, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of the display for zero seam. LED display leasing aluminum box adopts the production process of module forming and machining, which can control the error within one tenth of a millimeter and completely meet the requirements of zero seam.


Quick installation

As the box is of aluminum structure, it is lighter in weight, higher in accuracy, and convenient and quick in disassembly. Technicians can splice single boxes within minutes, greatly shortening the installation and disassembly time and saving labor costs.

Light weight and thin structure

The LED rental display screen is light in weight, thin in structure, and has the functions of lifting and quick installation. Only in this way can it meet the requirements of quick installation, disassembly and transportation required by the rental occasion. Easy to load and unload, easy to release and operate. The whole screen is fixed and connected by quick bolts, which can accurately and quickly frame and disassemble the screen, and can be assembled in different shapes to meet the site requirements.

Unique technology

The unique structure design optimized by welding process can avoid the failure site caused by poor contact of electronic products solder joints caused by frequent handling.


LED rental screen-Ares

Why choose sostron's LED rental screen?

Outdoor LED rental screen ares series:

The brightness easily exceeds 6500cd / m2.
Shared cabinet: it can be used for all modules. When you want to update a new module with other pixel spacing, you only need to change the module.
Outdoor screen, but only 24.5kg/m2, 88mm thick.
There is a hole for installing the quick lock as a rental screen.
200 square meters of stock p10.41 mm can be delivered within 3 days.
The rubber ring is buckled to prevent the rubber ring from melting and sticking to the connector.

What is the difference between the LED rental screen and the fixed LED display?

Display effect

Generally, the traditional engineering LED display screen can only play the propaganda effect, and can play video pictures. However, the LED rental screen needs to accept the test of high-definition cameras and cameras, and the refresh and display effect of the screen body are more strict, so the configuration is higher.

Box difference

Generally, the LED display screen of traditional projects is fixed. The box is a simple waterproof box or a standard waterproof box, which mainly plays the role of fixing and waterproof, and the structure is relatively heavy. For the LED rental screen, it needs to be disassembled, built and transported frequently. Therefore, the box is required to be easily disassembled in structural design, light in weight and convenient for transportation. It is usually made of die-casting aluminum box, with light and thin structure and high stability, which is convenient for installation and disassembly at any time. It is suitable for holding concerts and stage performances.

Installation method

The LED rental screen box structure is designed with a quick lock, which is convenient for disassembly and installation. The fixed bracket is designed with a special aerial rack or a Japanese frame, which is more convenient for construction. For example, after a concert, it can be disassembled and transported to another stage for construction, saving time and effort. The traditional LED indoor and outdoor display screens are usually installed in a fixed manner. After the installation position is fixed, they will not move easily.


LED rental screen


Application scenario of LED rental screen (Do you want to know the application field of LED transparent screen?)

Stage performance field

As we all know, the market in the field of stage performance is enduring, and it is the main application field of LED rental screen. Every year, there are countless concerts, art parties, opening ceremonies and other activities around the world. Led rental screen products are widely used in stage performance activities around the world. The LED rental screen has a brilliant and bright color performance, which brings rich colors to the stage performance. The colorful display screen with flexible switching screen lens creates a strong visual impact and artistic appeal for the audience. The LED rental screen is an indispensable part of the stage performance field.

Auto show field

With the continuous prosperity and development of the automobile market, the auto show has also developed. In the past, people often said that \"cars with beautiful women\". Now, the competition in the field of auto show is not only the competition between cars and beautiful women, but also the competition of LED rental screens with different shapes at the auto show site has gradually entered people's vision. The use effect of LED rental screen in the auto show is very obvious. It can directly display the product design, characteristics, scientific and technological content and other elements of the car, and well explain the detailed characteristics of the car model, so that customers can understand the personality and design concept of the car more comprehensively.

Television broadcasting

The television broadcasting industry is one of the industries with the most rapid development of information technology. A large number of digital signal applications are the characteristics of the radio and television industry. Led rental screens are increasingly used in large-scale activities such as TV studios and TV broadcasting. As the background wall of the activity, it provides a variety of vivid and dazzling background pictures and more interactive functions, making the background pictures dynamic and static, and well integrating the performance and the background.

Common models of LED rental screen


Prospect of LED rental screen

With the development of science and technology, the outdoor LED large screen has already established a national networked broadcasting network with the region as the center, and can be closely combined with sina Weibo, LBS natural geographic accurate positioning, facial recognition and other network media and mobile intelligent terminals for interactive communication. Outdoor LED large screen cultural media has developed in the direction of digital, intelligent and platform services, which will also bring greater sales market income and indoor space innovation to LED display enterprises.

With the improvement of people's requirements for viewing, the single traditional stage effect can no longer meet the needs of the audience; The colorful and changeable LED display screen fully caters to people's requirements for today's dance beauty because of its many advantages. Whether it is an outdoor commercial performance or a variety of evening parties, it is playing an increasingly important role in the field of dance beauty. The diversified application of LED displays in the field of dance beauty brings more diversified and innovative choices to the design of dance beauty. The competition in the rental market in the industry is also increasingly fierce. The rental products of various display screen enterprises are constantly innovating. Especially under the guidance of the new forces of rental products such as high-end small spacing, transparent screen and interactive floor tile screen, the development of rental screens is showing great vitality, and the rental market is unprecedentedly prosperous.

At present, the stage background presented by the large LED screen is blessed with XR technology, so that the audience can enjoy the immersive body feeling in front of the smart terminal. Moreover, the application of XR technology in the field of Wumei has stimulated the development of LED display products. Nowadays, the continuous innovation and diversification of LED products, as well as the addition of small spacing and transparent screens, have brought more business opportunities for LED display in the Wumei rental market.