2023, a comprehensive guide to LED rental screen

Aug 24, 2022, 2:29:33 AM

Nowadays, in the general environment of economic development, all kinds of film and television entertainment, artistic performances, stage plays, concerts, etc., these activities have an increasing demand for LED rental screens. The LED rental market has achieved rapid development in recent years due to its low entry threshold, and the products are constantly pushing through the old to bring forth new ones, showing a trend of high-definition development, with the point spacing exceeding 2.0mm.


LED rental screen


A comprehensive guide to led rental screen

Five advantages of LED rental screen

1. Wide viewing angle, high contrast, seamless splicing and high image quality.

2. Later maintenance should be easy.

3. Easy to install, customized according to customer's special requirements.

4. Light and easy to transport and install.

5. High definition display, fine picture quality.


LED rental screen

The quotation fee for LED rental screen mainly includes three aspects.

1. LED box quotation: screen model and area; (What is an LED box?)

2. Supporting equipment: including control system, computer, audio and power amplifier, power distribution cabinet, video processor;

3. System engineering: including steel structure, electric wiring, installation and commissioning, transportation costs, etc;


LED rental panel

How much is the led rental screen?

At present, the price of stage LED display screen is generally calculated according to the unit area of the screen. The current price is about $600 per square meter.

Do you need led rental screen? Application fields of 4 LED rental screens.

1. Stage performance

The LED rental screen has a brilliant and bright color performance, which brings rich colors to the stage performance. The colorful display screen coupled with the flexible switching screen lens creates a strong visual impact and artistic appeal for the audience. The LED rental screen is an indispensable part of the stage performance field.

2. Auto Show

The use effect of LED rental screen in the auto show is very obvious. It can directly show the product design, characteristics, technological content and other elements of the car, which well explains the details of the car model, so that customers can more fully understand the car's personality and design concept.

3. Hotel leasing

More and more companies choose to hold annual meetings, product launches and thank you meetings in hotels. Many companies give priority to the one with LED rental screen when choosing hotels. With the increase of the use frequency of LED rental screens, the demand for LED rental screens in major hotels has become more vigorous, and hotel LED rental screens have attracted the attention of many investors.

4. Television broadcasting

Television broadcasting industry is one of the industries with the most rapid development of information technology, in which a large number of digital signal applications are the characteristics of the radio and television industry. LED rental screens are increasingly used in large-scale activities such as TV studios and TV broadcasting.


Rental LED screen

In order not to affect the use of the LED stage screen and the performance effect, the following three points should be noted when using the LED rental screen.

1. Note the temperature of the LED screen components. If the working temperature exceeds the specified range, the service life will be shortened and the LED screen will be damaged.

2. The LED screen shall not be used in dusty places. In places with heavy dust, excessive dust will affect heat dissipation, and in severe cases, it may cause the display screen to burn.

3. Different display screens are suitable for different shooting distances. Don't use the same shooting distance because the display screen is different, which will affect the performance on the screen.

The stage background presented by the current LED large screen is blessed with XR technology, so that the audience can also enjoy an immersive body feeling in front of the intelligent terminal. The LED display rental industry is booming, and the application of XR technology in the stage field has stimulated the development of LED display products. Now, the continuous innovation and diversification of LED products, as well as the participation of small spacing and transparent screens, have brought more business opportunities for LED display in the stage rental market.