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Characteristics, application scenarios and prospects of LED flexible screen

The conception of LED display screen is getting higher and higher. The general special-shaped screen module can make LED display screen complete various shapes. However, for a long time before, led special-shaped screen was assembled or wrapped by traditional rectangular plane module, such as the common arc screen and circular screen. However, when the screen radian is small and the display form is more complex, the splicing and wrapping of the special-shaped module can not deal with the seam and flatness, resulting in inconsistent display and mosaic of the display screen, which makes the display screen ineffective. In order to deal with this problem, the LED flexible screen came into being.

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What is led flexible screen?

Compared with the conventional LED display module, the conventional module is made of a hard board PCB board and a bottom shell mask, without any softness. It is a hard board. In the case of radian and bending, it can not be used, or it needs to be made by special processes such as corner cutting, but the cost will increase a lot, and the process is not complete. The display principle is the same, but the difference is that flexible PCB and bottom cover are adopted, which makes the module particularly flexible and can realize 120 degree folding.

LED soft module is also known as LED flexible screen. LED soft screen is flexible, foldable and flexible because of its high module flexibility.

What are the characteristics of LED flexible screen?

Soft module, unique model selection, easy installation;

The mask is made of silicone, flat and free of color difference;

Strong flexibility, can be made into any shape as required;

The signal line and power line between the boxes adopt high-speed connectors, which are easy to install and can be used with professional audio and video processing system;

The product supports a variety of signal inputs, such as DP, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI, h-sdi, etc;

It can be applied to a variety of installation methods, such as lifting, surface installation, etc;

Standard interface definition, supporting a variety of control card drivers;

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Application scenarios of LED flexible screen

Large hotel

Cylindrical LED flexible screen. It can decorate the hotel. In terms of function, it can be used for advertising display, led super large clock screen, led interest rate screen and other applications. The hotel can also promote its own characteristic products and services to attract more customers; The world clock can be placed on the LED cylindrical screen, and the clock is omni-directional and accurate.

Commercial supermarket

Generally speaking, large-scale shopping malls will have large-scale building bearing beams, which are monotonous, occupy space and waste space. Led cylindrical screen is used in these aspects. While solving the pillar impact, it can realize various commercial promotion purposes: discount promotion, discount promotion and new product listing.

Entertainment place

Entertainment places pay more attention to the coordination of sound, light and shadow effects. LED flexible screens can be made into LED bar screens, wavy LED screens, fan-shaped LED screens, flowing led tile screens and other products according to the shape. While making full use of the site, sound, light and shadow are combined to show a more shaking effect.

SoStron LED shaped screen-sPad pro2

Development trend of LED flexible screen

Many advantages of LED soft module are beyond the reach of general arc display screen. The connection surface of the LED special-shaped screen of the flexible module is different from the traditional display screen. The traditional PCB board is made of glass fiber materials. The flexible module is equipped with a high-strength strong magnetic core connection device, and the flexible FPC circuit board made of flexible insulating base material is selected.

The mask and the bottom shell are made of high-temperature and bending resistant silicone materials, which have high-strength compression and distortion resistance, and can perfectly deal with the difficult problems of various “corners and corners” devices. The device mode is mainly magnetic column suction, and the device method of “one installation and one completion” is selected, that is, the customization of the shape is completed according to the customer’s needs, and then the direct adsorption can be completed to complete the one-step device.

However, when the screen radian is small and the display form is more complex, the splicing and wrapping of special-shaped modules can not deal with the seam and flatness, resulting in inconsistent display and mosaic of the display screen, which makes the whole function of the display screen poor. In order to deal with this problem, the”soft module”came into being.

From the appearance of LED flexible screen to the present, we can clearly feel that the demand for LED flexible screen is increasing. It seems that led flexible screen has become a product for major manufacturers to improve their competitiveness. At present, the major enterprises have started large-scale layout of the market, expanding the application range of LED flexible display, and the technology also needs to be upgraded iteratively to meet the needs of the future market! In the future, maybe LED flexible screen will become the mainstream of LED display.

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