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What is led cube? What are its characteristics?

Led cube is a kind of LED magic cube seamlessly spliced by LED 4D stereoscopic display screen. It can be played in 360 ° full view, and can rotate along the axis. It is full of personality and beautiful. It has great visual appreciation and commercial value. Do you want to know about led rental screen?

Characteristics of LED magic square screen

High resolution and high pixel density, true reproduction of high-definition images, uniform color, high contrast, clear and sharp images;

SMD three in one LED is used to make the display screen have ultra wide viewing angle and better surface flatness in indoor and outdoor fields;

Unique design, the whole cube is integrated, easy to move, install, transport and load and unload;

360 ° full view play, magic cube display, highlighting personality;

High efficiency and stability, high reliability and long service life;

Compatible with multiple signal source inputs, such as AV, S-Video, DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI;

Professional packaging protection has played a good role in protecting the unit board;

High gray level and high refresh rate design; Gray level > 4096, refresh frequency > 600Hz; So that the LED display screen does not have any delay and smear phenomenon when presenting an image.

Application scenarios of LED cube screen:

Led cube screen is mainly used in some science museums, terminal buildings, museums, exhibition halls, hotels, discos, stage sites, indoor shopping malls, city squares, etc. because of its more unique shape and more fashionable display effect;

LED cube screen

Led cube screen quotation / price

The price of LED cube screen is related to many factors, such as the installation environment of LED display screen, the size of LED display screen, the specification and model of LED cube screen and the specific needs of customers. You only need to provide the following simple information. Sostron can provide preliminary quotation and customized solutions for you for free.

Pre installed led cube screen environment, such as indoor, semi outdoor or outdoor.

What is the area size, length and width of the pre installed led cube screen.

The specification and model of the pre installed led cube screen. If you are not clear, you can call or online consult sostron.

Other requirements requiring special description.

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