What is led display module?

Sep 2, 2022, 2:04:56 AM

When we walk along the street, we can see the dazzling and beautiful pictures played by the LED display screen. Moreover, its effectiveness, aesthetics, durability, cost performance and other advantages are also obvious. Do you know what components the LED display screen is composed of? Want to know the characteristics of LED cube?


What are the components of LED display?

LED unit board

It is one of the core components of LED display. The quality of the unit board directly affects the display effect of the display screen. The unit board is composed of LED module, driver chip and PCB circuit board. LED module, in fact, is made of many LED light emitting points packed with resin or plastic dot matrix.

Control card

We recommend the use of a low-cost strip screen control card, which can control the 256x16 dot dual color screen of 1 / 16 scan, and can assemble a cost-effective LED screen. The control card is an asynchronous card, that is, the card can save information after power failure, and the information stored in the card can be displayed without connecting to a PC.


It can be divided into data line, transmission line and power line. The data cable is a flat cable used to connect the control card and the LED unit board. The transmission line is used to connect the control card and the computer. The power cord is used to connect the power supply, the control card and the LED unit board. The copper core diameter of the power cord connecting the unit board is not less than 1mm.

Power Supply

The power supply generally uses switching power supply with 220V input and 5V DC output. It should be pointed out that since LED display screen belongs to precision electronic equipment, switching power supply should be used instead of transformer.


led display module

What is the LED display module?

LED module is a widely used product in LED products, and there are also great differences in structure and electronics. It is simple to use a circuit board and shell equipped with LEDs to form an LED module, and complex to add some control, constant current source and related heat dissipation treatment to make the LED life and luminous intensity better.

LED module is a product composed of LEDs (light emitting diodes) arranged together according to certain rules and then packaged, and some waterproof treatment, which is called LED module. The front view surface of the quadrilateral module can be provided with a decorative structure for blurring the splicing boundary of the module. From the perspective of vision and optics, the utility model allows straight lines to form staggered short lines. By using the straightness of vision, when human vision scans from top to bottom (or left to right), it can't take into account two dislocations at the same time, which will inevitably form countless discontinuous short segments of dislocations, thus completely eliminating the mosaic phenomenon of LED display screen caused by gaps between modules.

Function of LED display module

The LED display module is mainly used to display the night effect of advertising font (acrylic, blister) and logo. It is installed on the top or wall of the building with text or logo as the medium. It can not only show the daytime effect of logo, but also use LED as the light source to show another effect at night. In addition, it is equipped with LED lighting application control system to carry out dynamic video control of text or logo. In some places with rich entertainment atmosphere, LED light source module has become one of the most important choices for enterprises to show their self-image, which is also generally used for the production of indoor or outdoor display screens.