How is China's LED screen developing in the field of educational display?

Nov 30, 2022, 2:07:34 AM

AI will become the new focus of international competition. We should gradually carry out intelligent education projects for the convenience of the people, and set up AI related courses in primary and secondary schools, striving to become a major AI innovation city in the world by 2030. And artificial intelligence is bound to be applied to display devices. As one of the display devices, Chinese LED display manufacturers will certainly not miss this outlet. Do you know the difference between LED display and traditional projection? LED screen has broad prospects in the field of educational display.

It is undeniable that when it comes to LED display, it is difficult for many schools to connect with it. After all, in the traditional education batch material procurement, projection and LCD equipment are mainly used. However, with the support of smart education, China's LED display has formed a perfect combination with the education industry. Compared with traditional blackboard, whiteboard or projector teaching, the teaching method of intelligent education with LED display screen is full of fun, but it also extends students' creativity and imagination, and improves teaching efficiency and quality.


Chinese LED display

Indeed, the arrival of the digital era is not only a historical necessity, but also a global one. Digital has brought not only new technologies, but also new markets and new models to many traditional industries. In this era of overall digitalization, many new collisions are taking place. This provides a new opportunity for LED screens to enter the field of education.
At present, China's economy is transforming and upgrading from demographic dividend to scientific and technological innovation. The smart education industry has broad prospects for development and ushers in a new round of golden development period. In addition to the new AI related courses in primary schools, relevant AI courses have also been opened in secondary schools and universities. There are a large number of small, medium and universities in China, and a large number of display devices will be used for intelligent displays. The LED screen industry will usher in a new round of development dividends.

First of all, from a technical point of view, today's LED display technology has long said goodbye to the shortcomings that affect its application in the field of education, such as the glare and graininess of pixels in the era of traditional outdoor advertising screens. In turn, it has not only made great progress in pixel fineness and brightness control, but also is more suitable for indoor viewing. More importantly, most of the LED screen products for educational applications have passed the inspection and certification of relevant institutions. They have the characteristics of low blue light and better eye protection, so they are more suitable for indoor long-term viewing and reduce the impact on vision.

On the other hand, from the perspective of demand, the core of smart education actually depends on information sharing to a large extent. For example, distance education, to a large extent, has solved the problem of home learning during the epidemic, as well as the problem of remote mountain students synchronizing urban high-quality education resources. To some extent, it not only opens up a new classroom interactive teaching mode for high-quality educational resources, but also solves the problem of educational fairness to a large extent.

AI just applies big data technology to educational applications, and develops into the main form of teaching in the future through image, voice recognition, information remote transmission, AR/VR, human screen interaction, face recognition and naked eye 3D and other technologies. It can not only increase the interest of teaching, but also improve the efficiency and quality of teaching to a large extent, make students more interested in learning, promote the feelings between teachers and students, and reduce the probability of students' weariness and truancy.


Naked eye 3d billboard in new york, usa

At present, the field of educational display is still a huge blank market to be explored by Chinese LED display manufacturers. If anyone can seize this resource first, he or she can have a say. For this reason, some large enterprises have entered the field of education through cross-border industries, so as to constantly seize the resources in the field of education display through the way that fertile water does not flow out of the field. However, other LED screen enterprises can also take advantage of the development opportunity of intelligent education, rely on their own professional technology, constantly develop relevant products, and constantly innovate and optimize, so as to seize more resources. Of course, AI needs LED display with higher resolution because of close viewing and contact, and small pitch LED display is a good choice. Chinese LED display manufacturers can start with small pitch LED display.

In order to increase the interaction between students and teachers, the requirements for LED screen technology, brightness, price and cost are relatively high. Especially nowadays, 5G technology, artificial intelligence, human screen interaction, AR/VR, naked eye 3D, big data and other intelligent technologies are becoming more and more popular. Major LED display manufacturers continue to explore new subdivision technologies, and constantly develop and innovate new technologies on the basis of existing ones to launch more intelligent LED displays.

Compared with the traditional LED screen, the LED touch screen is characterized by faster response, higher definition, easy communication and durability. With this touch technology, users can easily operate the host by touching the corresponding patterns or characters on the screen with their fingers. Just like operating your own mobile phone, even for those users who do not understand products and technologies, it can also be easily operated. Therefore, the human screen interaction of this touch screen is more straightforward, and the operation is easier to use. Compared with the display screen with complex operation, this touch screen is more acceptable. As the technology continues to mature, China\'s LED touch screen has made great progress in eye, touch, body sense, face and gesture recognition. It can teach very vividly and achieve good results. After all, for boring learning, this kind of AI LED display, which can also interact, learn, play and display pictures and texts, is easier for teachers and students to accept.

In a word, China's LED screens have broad prospects in the field of educational display. With the diversified application of technology and the development of artificial intelligence, primary schools, middle schools and universities will open more courses on artificial intelligence in the future, and artificial intelligence needs more display devices. This will be a huge development space for LED display manufacturers. Of course, intelligent products have certain challenges to the technology, innovation and research and development of enterprises. Major LED display enterprises should constantly upgrade and optimize their software and hardware conditions, so as to seize more resources in the field of education display.