3 minutes to learn about LED flexible screen, which will promote your business

Thursday, January 5, 2023 at 2:13:09 AM GMT+00:00

Led flexible screen is also called led soft screen, which is made of led soft module. led soft module is a kind of led display screen, which adopts flexible circuit board design. The flexible LED display screen is mainly composed of a special flexible material PCB and LED chip. It has a large bending range and is often used to make LED displays of various shapes.


What are the characteristics of led flexible screen?

1. Soft module, unique model selection and convenient installation;

2. The mask is made of silicone resin, flat and without color difference;

3. It is flexible and can be made into any shape as required;

4. When the cylinder shape is formed, the image is smooth and beautiful. The signal line and power line between the boxes adopt fast connectors, which are easy to install and can be used with professional audio and video processing systems;


LED flexible screen

Why is led flexible screen so popular?

Energy saving and low power consumption

The power consumption of flexible LED display screen is generally not very high, especially the flexible LED display screen manufactured by Ruiling Optoelectronics, which uses dynamic hierarchical power supply and high-speed variable current ash algorithm, and the average power consumption is only 60W/m ² About, the power consumption is extremely low, energy saving and power saving, especially for large display screens, which can save a lot of electricity costs every year.

Free to bend

The flexible LED display screen has strong flexibility and can be bent at will, making it more widely used. The flexible screen can not only be used in the fields of conventional screen applications, but also be installed in the fields of specific shapes. Its application is more flexible.

Various installation methods

The flexible screen has a variety of installation methods, mainly because it is flexible and easy to bend. For example, it has floor mounted, suspended mounted, embedded mounted, suspended screen, etc.


led soft screen

Where is the Led flexible screen used?

Large hotels

It has the effect of hotel decoration, and can be used for advertisement display, LED super large clock screen, LED screen, etc. The hotel can also introduce products and services with its own characteristics to attract more customers; You can put the world watch on the led mailbox screen. The clock can display the global exchange rate in an all-round, accurate and comprehensive way to facilitate international friends to query the exchange rate of the day.

Large commercial supermarket

Generally, large shopping malls have large building bearing beams, which are monotonous, occupy space and waste space. In these aspects, the LED cylinder screen not only solves the late effects, but also achieves a variety of commercial promotion purposes such as discount promotion, discount promotion, and new product sales.

Places of entertainment

Entertainment places pay more attention to the coordination of sound, light and shadow effects. LED flexible screen can be made into LED strip screen, wave shaped LED screen, sector shaped LED screen, mobile LED tile screen and other products according to the shape. While making full use of the site, the combination of sound, light and shadow will present a stronger effect.


Flexible LED display technology

The flexible LED display module can be bent freely without damage to itself. Its circuit board is made of a special flexible material and will not break due to bending. The flexible LED display module can be spliced into arc, cylindrical, curved and other displays according to the actual situation on site. It is a technical improvement with outstanding characteristics and display progress.


flexible screen

How do you choose flexible LED screens to drive your business?

1. Consider the position of the flexible LED screen.

If the LED screen is used for outdoor applications, the brightness, durability and display resolution of the LED screen need to be considered. Brightness is one of the significant differences between indoor and outdoor LED displays. The brightness of the outdoor display screen is several times that of the indoor LED display screen, because the images on the LED display screen are illegible or not bright due to the strong sunlight. Therefore, in order to provide ultra-high illumination, flexible LED displays for outdoor use must have multiple bright LEDs in a single pixel. In addition, the outdoor LED screen must be leak proof, waterproof and heat-resistant, especially the outdoor performance stage and the glass exterior wall. The waterproof grade of outdoor LED display is required to be IP65, while the indoor display is only IP20. Not only that, viewers usually view outdoor LED screens from a longer distance, so the resolution is low, which is different from indoor LED screens, because the distance between viewers and screens is short, so high resolution is required. The pixel spacing defines the pixel density on the LED display. Outdoor flexible LED displays have large pixel spacing and low resolution, while indoor displays that require high resolution for close viewing have small pixel spacing.

2. Consider your business style.

Only by conveying images and functions similar to your business style can you leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience. So before choosing a flexible LED screen, you should evaluate your business style and what effect you want to achieve with the flexible LED screen. The irregular flexible LED screen hanging on the ceiling is full of personality, which is very suitable for outdoor stage, concert and other entertainment places. On the other hand, the conventional long flexible LED screen is very suitable for shopping malls to display product information on shelves.

3. Select reliable LED screen manufacturers.

The LED display industry is relatively mature, and thousands of LED display manufacturers have emerged in the market. The selection of reliable LED manufacturers is conducive to your subsequent business support and the price of flexible LED screens, because reliable LED screen manufacturers will strictly control product quality, devote themselves to technological innovation, and provide more comprehensive solutions for the display technology industry. Like Sostron, he has been deeply involved in the display technology industry for more than ten years and mastered professional display technology.

With the continuous maturity of flexible display technology, more flexible folding products can be seen on the market in the future. However, the current folding screen cannot bend freely like paper. People urgently need to find flexible alternative materials to meet the development needs of flexible display. Most LED column screens in large shopping centers and special-shaped LED displays in entertainment places are flexible LED displays. You can learn more about the LED flexible screen. The development of flexible screen is very important for promoting the R&D capability of manufacturers. Only by meeting the market segmentation needs, expanding their living space and improving the innovation capability of products, can enterprises get rid of market competition and survive better in the market.