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6 common LED special-shaped screens

The biggest difference between the special-shaped screen and the ordinary screen in the LED display screen is in the shape, because they can be changed into various shapes, such as sphere, grid, etc., which can be applied to various installation environments. Their unique shape can often be very attractive. The following are mainly about the five types of special-shaped LED displays commonly seen on the market:

LED spherical screen

1、 LED spherical screen

The spherical LED screen is designed with an all aluminum structure, which is very sturdy and durable. At the same time, it can be designed to be movable, convenient to carry, and can also be hoisted and mounted. It can be designed and produced according to customer requirements, with a minimum diameter of 1 meter, and can be used indoors and outdoors. At the same time, the sphere is completely completed by numerical control, and the precise module size ensures the consistency of the overall circular curvature of the LED spherical screen, making the sphere look neat and perfect.

2、 LED floor screen

LED floor screen is a digital ground display device. Its realization is mainly based on digital technology. Through microcomputer full digital processing and advanced circuit protection equipment, it can synchronously control the video and achieve a high-resolution display effect. Lightweight and ultra-thin screen design, the total weight of the box is only 1. 5KG, the thickness is only 65mm. The LED floor screen is designed with high contrast and high refresh rate, and there is no delay in rendering the pattern; Each pixel is separated from each other by a PC mask to prevent scattering. It has relevant applications in exhibition hall design and stage performance. Here is a professional guide for purchasing LED floor screen in 2023!

LED roller screen

3、 LED roller screen

The LED roller screen has a novel structure design. The roller screen can be bent up and down, left and right at will to achieve different shape changes. The screen body can be changed along any curved surface, and can be rolled up 360 degrees. Therefore, the unique and novel structural design of the LED roller screen can realize the change of the screen body along any curved surface, from top to bottom, from left to right, and meet the needs of a variety of irregular reality, so that it is widely used in shopping malls, street view advertising merchants, company meeting rooms, exhibition halls, school classrooms and other places.

LED raster screen

4、 LED raster screen

The grid screen is a grid shaped display screen composed of light bars. The unique shutter design can significantly improve the contrast of the screen, without affecting the lighting and ventilation of the merchants, and has small wind resistance; Adopt module design, easy and fast assembly; The weight is only one third of the traditional display screen; It is produced according to the standard parts of raster display, with high universality, plug and pull connection and simple maintenance.

LED grid screen

5、 LED grid screen

The permeability of the grid screen can reach 85%, and its weight is only 3-10 kg/㎡. It is convenient for transportation and installation. It can be bent and spliced into a circle, triangle, arch, etc. In order to ensure sufficient brightness of outdoor real project pixels, the front of the module is sealed with silica gel for waterproof treatment. The color of silica gel can meet the requirements of the project, and is specially matched against the color card, so that this is perfectly coordinated with the color of the building exterior wall; The outlet of the module is made of silica gel wire with excellent high and low temperature performance, with professional waterproof joints, a fully sealed waterproof structure with professional design and elaborate construction, and the protection grade reaches IP67, which can adapt to various indoor and outdoor temperature environments.

Irregular LED display

6、 Irregular LED display

Irregular led special-shaped screen has commonly used models and polygonal irregular shapes. It is a customized product made of high-quality soft film groups. The commonly used model is p3-p4-p5. It can also be customized according to actual needs.

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