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6 reasons why LED display screen becomes the first choice in brand marketing

With the continuous development and progress of technology, people’s requirements for outdoor advertising media will become higher and higher. The traditional outdoor advertising model has been unable to meet the needs of the public’s vision, and the competition in the outdoor advertising market will become increasingly fierce. Changes in lifestyle drive the development of outdoor advertising media.

3d led display

This is a 3d led display in times square, new york, usa, advertising coca cola!

Six reasons why LED display screen becomes the first choice in brand marketing

High coverage

Outdoor LED display advertisements are generally in high-end commercial areas and traffic hubs with high traffic density. Large outdoor LED display advertisements deepen the impression and stimulate consumers’ desire to buy through high-frequency play.


This refers not only to the content displayed on the LED screen, but also to the large LED screen itself. The size of LED display can be customized, and can also be used indoors and outdoors. This customization is very valuable, because it will not combine an enterprise with only one marketing scenario forever. It can develop with the development of the business. It can be displayed in one way now and in another way later. Customized and targeted messaging can take effect in seconds, which is an invaluable marketing tool.

LED screen

Improve brand level

Use outdoor LED billboards to publish some government information and city publicity videos, which can not only beautify the city image, but also improve the city grade and taste. Outdoor LED billboards are now widely used in shopping malls, traffic arteries, etc. It can indirectly reflect the economic, cultural and social life of a city.

Remote operation

The technology of remote control LED display actually allows to change the visual effect on the LED screen without touching the LED electronic display itself. Wireless data sends information back and forth between the led display screen and the computer, and the image changes within a few seconds. How powerful and simple it is for users.

Low audience dislike rate

Outdoor LED advertising can broadcast programs to more audiences in a real and timely manner through live broadcast technology. Its contents include special topics, columns, variety shows, animation, radio dramas, TV dramas, etc., which are rich in content and avoid the contact barriers caused by the conscious avoidance of advertising audiences. Research shows that the disgust rate of outdoor LED advertising large screen is far lower than that of TV advertising.Immersion

When an advertiser has advertising exposure in the same area or space, it minimizes competition with other brands and enables them to effectively gain more attention from consumers. Video advertising can help consumers identify with this brand more quickly, thus forming the exclusivity of consumers’ choice of brand, which will create a visual spectacular image for potential consumers/pedestrians, and urge consumers to pay attention to this brand. This approach is both destructive and immersive, enabling the brand to convey a more complete and compelling message.

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