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If you choose the right LED display screen, you can easily get customers

Since the invention of LED, developers have continuously expanded the functions of LED and added different colors to LED lights. This increases the way they are used, and eventually LED has become an effective and practical marketing method from a small light bulb. If the right approach is used, they can benefit any enterprise. In the digital world, they can change instantly to attract customers’ attention in new and creative ways.

In recent years, with the rise of the concept of “new retail“, the digital signage industry represented by retail has expanded rapidly. LED screens have played an important role in commercial retail window, interior decoration, building facade and other fields, bringing great changes to new retail. As we all know, store window display is an important means for retail stores to display products and promote.

If you are the owner of a jewelry store in dubai, how should you attract customers with led displays?

It is recommended that you select Dubai LED transparent screen

In the jewelry industry, many stores have used the screen to add luster to jewelry stores. For example, the Swarovski New Concept Crystal Pavilion is Swarovski’s first offline attempt in China and the second in the world to incorporate the new retail concept. In addition to setting up digital equipment such as virtual trial jewelry area and self portrait interactive area, the first concept store in China is the first to introduce mini optoelectronics into the jewelry shop window, which opens the fashion marketing trend of the jewelry industry to optimize the in store experience of local customers.

The LED transparent screen makes the big brand jewelry window dazzling, attracting people to stop and taste, and to push the door. The dreamlike light and shadow ice screen on both sides has transformed itself into a fashionable art installation through the efforts of artists, turning the jewelry window into a window integrating interactive installation art, visual image, marketing and consumer psychology. In the future, Zaodao LED transparent screen will explore new retail with jewelry brands, present a more pleasant shopping experience in a new way, and attract consumers to appreciate, feel, and experience the beauty of jewelry.

transparent screen

If you are the owner of an african mall, how should you use the led screen to retain customers?

It is recommended that you choose African led floor tile screen

LED floor tile display

The LED floor screen adopts the video synchronization control mode, realizing the soft color display effect of high resolution, and completing the perfect combination of stage virtual landscaping and performance interaction; It uses a high-strength tempered glass mask and a solid die cast aluminum alloy support device, with a bearing capacity of about 1.5 tons. It has strong impact resistance, can be directly stepped on, and is suitable for group play.

Strong sense of experience, stimulate the audience’s feeling and enhance the viewing experience When your competitors are still using traditional LED screens or posters to attract customers, you have integrated the whole stage performance into their body and blood, making it easier for customers to remember you.

If you are the owner of a malaysian hotpot restaurant, how should you attract customers with led displays?

It is recommended that you choose Malaysia outdoor led screen

LED Video Wall

Outdoor LED large screen circularly plays with high exposure rate. According to the survey, the audience’s touch rate of outdoor LED large screen media shows that: the audience’s touch rate of large screen remains above 60%; Every 10 times the audience passes through the LED large screen area, they will see the LED large screen 6 to 9 times on average. Compared with other outdoor media forms, outdoor LED large screen is superior to other outdoor media in terms of the usefulness of information transmission and media form; From the audience’s evaluation of outdoor LED large screen media, such as “tall”, “visual impact”, “eye-catching”, etc.

With the rapid development of urbanization, the application of large LED advertising screens will be more and more. Its advantages are enough to make it occupy a place in the advertising industry, which is why stores use LED displays to attract customers. Don’t you know how to get customers with led display? Please contact us, we will provide you with professional led solutions!

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