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What kind of LED display is suitable for use in concerts?

In many large-scale entertainment venues such as star concerts, music festivals, and open modes, a stage will be built for performances, and the application of LED displays on stage background walls is very common. Through the combination of modern technology and media, it can make The stage is more colorful and technological, giving the scene a better atmosphere. Therefore, in order to obtain a more ideal viewing effect, the choice of stage LED display becomes very important. Do you know how much is the led stage rental screen?

Stage LED display

What kind of LED display is suitable for use in concerts?

Stage LED display classification

1. Main screen, the LED display located in the center of the stage. The shape is mostly square or rectangular. At present, the specifications of LED displays commonly used in stage occasions are: P2, P2.5, P3.91, P4.81, etc. If it is a transparent LED screen, it is recommended to use P7.8-7.8. Here, it is recommended to use Liancheng Falongteng S series LED transparent screen products, this series of products are designed for the concerts of Jay Chou, Angela Chang, and Mayday, light and flexible, excellent display, and the effect is very good.

2. Secondary screen, LED display screen located on both sides of the main screen. Its main function is to set off the home screen, so the content it displays is relatively abstract. The requirements for pixels and display effects are not high. Grid LED displays are often used, and the size specifications are mainly P7.8, P8.9, etc.

3. Expansion screen, users can use it for larger occasions, such as large-scale concerts, song and dance parties, etc. Because the venue is relatively large, there are many places where the performance on the stage cannot be seen clearly, so one or two large screens are set up on the side of these venues. The content is generally a live broadcast of the stage. The commonly used size specifications are similar to the main screen. The main size specifications are P3.9, P4.8 and P6.25.

Stage LED display

Here are some key features and factors to consider for LED displays suitable for use in concerts:

Fast refresh rate: Concert screens need to have a high refresh rate to avoid flickering or tearing of videos and images. Generally, LED displays should have a refresh rate of at least 60Hz to meet the requirements of video playback.

Brightness: Concerts are usually held in large outdoor or indoor venues, so the LED display needs to be bright enough to cope with different light conditions. High brightness ensures that viewers can still see the content on the screen clearly during the day or under strong lighting.

High resolution and clarity: The LED display should have high enough resolution and clarity to show the details of the artist and performance. This is essential for rendering videos, images and special effects.

Reliability and stability: Star concerts usually attract a large number of audiences, so the reliability and stability of the equipment are required to be high. Choose a brand with good reputation and service support to ensure stable operation of the equipment during the performance.

Large screen size: Star concerts usually require a larger stage and auditorium, so choosing a larger size LED display can ensure that the audience can clearly see the performance on the stage from any position.

Color reproduction and dynamics: Star concerts are famous for their wonderful stage effects and light shows. In order to ensure that these effects can be perfectly presented, it is very important to choose an LED display that can accurately restore colors and have good dynamics.

The following are the stage LED display screens provided by our company-Hima

SoStron Rental display-Hima

Hima, with its unique design and excellent performance, brings infinite creative possibilities to various events and occasions. First of all, Hima’s 90° installation and 45° cut-angle cabinet design allows it to be flexibly installed at different angles and directions to meet more creative design needs and provide audiences with diverse perspectives and visual experiences.

SoStron Rental display-Hima

For the application of ground screen and ground screen + interactive equipment, Hima can not only present wonderful visual content, but also increase the audience’s sense of participation through interactive functions, making the event more lively and interesting. This feature can play a huge role in various performances, exhibitions and events, providing participants with a unique interactive experience. Provide you with a free professional guide to LED floor screens.

SoStron Rental display-Hima

In addition, Hima also has the function of a movable conference screen, which provides unlimited inspiration for holding parties or events. Its flexible and mobile nature not only inspires creativity but also increases flexibility of events. This means you can easily adjust and rearrange screens as needed, ensuring every event looks its best.

SoStron Rental display-Hima

Hima is suitable for various occasions, adding more visual and interactive fun to events and performances. Its high-quality construction materials and design features ensure superior performance and durability. Whether in conferences, performances, exhibitions or other events, Hima can bring wonderful experiences to audiences and participants.

Thank you for watching, I hope this solves your problem. Shichuang Intelligent is a professional LED display manufacturer. We provide a wide range of displays, display rentals and display solutions worldwide. Why not start by visiting our LED screens and get a free quote!

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