After reading Luvina

Friday, September 30, 2022 at 2:51:07 AM GMT+00:00

Luvina is a novel by Juan Nebomuseno Carlos Perez Lulfo Viscano, which originates from Juan Lulfo's short story The Burning Plains. In college, I took a course called Latin American Literature. In this class, the teacher praised the author Juan Rurford and his works. After I got to know his introduction, I found him very interesting. Juan Rurford's life was normal. In addition to his parents' dislike of his childhood, he went to college. He was a writer. But Juan Rurford lived in a very poor and difficult time. At this time, Juan Rulfo's country suffered from many wars, the United States and Diaz. Mexico is a Ruina. Juan Rulfo absolutely wants to do something. He wants to change the situation of his country, but he doesn't know how. So he decides to become a writer and change people's ideas with his works. There is a writer in China, who is similar to John Rurford. His name is Lu Xun. They are smart and great, and they have changed the world with their own behavior. Juan Rulfo's books are all about Mexican countryside. There is no desire, no love, no light in his book. His book is full of death, disillusionment and despair. That's why Juan Rurford's book left such a deep impression on me. His book is different, special and true.




In Luvina, we can only see a white village. The mountains are white, the cottages are white, and the sky and streets are white. Luvina has only three colors: white, black and gray. The most obvious feature is: quiet. You can only hear the wind. You can hear nothing. Although the environment in Luvina is so bad and tragic, the local people do not want to leave Luvina. Juan Rurford didn't tell us why. Maybe that's why the dead are very important to Mexicans or other reasons. We don't know. We don't know why the main character went to Luvina, nor why the drunkard didn't come out. We have a lot of room for imagination, which is why I like this novel so much. This novel makes me think about everything, life, death, environment, universe, past and future.