The Comon Language of Mankind-Music

Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at 8:34:12 AM GMT+00:00

This time the theme I share is music.Our jobs require us to deal with different people every day.We often struggle with what to talk to,because discussing products and projects all the time can just feel tedious.And music is the good way to talk when you don't know what to talk about.


My sharing content is divided into three parts:world music,music topics,and music communication.The points I share are entry-level knowledge.If you want to provide more meaningful topics for others,you must expand your learning through the corresponding market and country.




In this part of world music,I listed several popular music styles at first.There\'s rock,pop,jazz,folk.Different countries and regions have their own musical styles.There is enthusiastic and energetic Brazil,melodious Indian music with melodious melody,and African music with a strong sense of rhythm.


At present,the most widely spread popular music also has its own pop music singers in each country.Here,the United States and the United Kingdom are used to show and introduce.


The second part is about music topics that we can talk about in our daily communication.For example,the story behind each piece of music,the creative background and the theme of the music.


Popular songs are purely lyrical in their singing,but their lyrics originate from life,and even the details of life are described more brilliantly and vividly.After listening to it,people think about it.So many times we can start a dialogue based on the story involved in the song or the creative background of the song,which is also a good way to resonate with others.


In terms of music themes,anti-war has been a very popular music theme in recent years.This type of music allows us to see how cruel the real war is.And it makes us wonder what the real cause of the war was,and who was really hurt.




In the last music exchange session,everyone shared their favorite music and stories.From this link,we can see that in today\'s life,everyone is more or less influenced by music.Music is also an emotional carrier,through which we can tell our stories to others and understand each other.


Now,have you ever wanted to find someone to share a song that belongs to you?

(by Sunny)