Work and Life in SoStron

Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 2:42:51 AM GMT+00:00

Work and life are never two conflicting subjects, but two parts that can complement and promote each other. While working well for a better life, living well also improves work efficiency.

Most of the time, we are easy to anxiety, and an important reason is that we can not deal with the relationship between work and life. We emit negative energy, then people around are effected with unhappy, which seriously affects the happiness index.

But in SoStron, we pay much attention in all colleagues’ mood and spirit, so Wednesday Afternoon Tea was born.

In every Wednesday, we will gather in lounge, and then a table full of food and drink.

Relaxing, Chatting, laughing and Sharing.

Then you will found that, In fact, those colleagues who are usually unsmiling have a lovely side. They will discuss their past glorious fun or complain about the pressure of life, but in the end, everything will calm down and then become passion to fighting the difficulties.

I have learned much from them.

Work-life balance is possible, but it needs to be organized and adjusted.


Improve work efficiency

Work is not about the hours, it is about the results. We all experienced the feeling that if it is really full engagement, concentration and work 8 hours a day, which it’s enough for us.

On the one hand, high efficiency and the natural result is good, and most of leadership is to see the result as long as you finish the work wonderful.

On the other hand, the real working of 8 hours is very tiring, and the time is also enough. People can not run more than 10 hours at full capacity. During office hours, tell yourself to be engaged from the start, to minimize distractions, and then make a list of what need to be done.


Separate work and life

Focus on work during work hours, and enjoy family time when you get home, and try not to bring work with you unless it's an emergency.


Expect high standards for yourself, but keep your expectations low

It is a better way to deal with relations in all aspects to be strict with oneself and lenient with others.

Work is very important, is the foundation of our life, is the best way that we realize our self-worth.

We are young and should have a stronger dedication and enterprise. All work can not neglect, and to be practical and serious.


Enjoy work, enjoy life, then you will find that life is full of flowers!

By Allen