Happy voice drum

Monday, March 21, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM GMT+00:00

SOSTRON has held a particularly interesting event in 2022.

sostron reading club

In order to promote the cooperation of the team, exercise everyone\'s thinking space and improvise ability, enrich the spare time of employees, cultivate the tacit understanding of employees.Holding a game that has fun in the process and learns some knowledge from it, I call him a \"happy mouthpiece\".

At the beginning of the game, let everyone team, a team of five people, divided into three groups, random topic, the first to see the topic, the other four people are back to the first person, from the first know topic like performance, can only use body movements, can\'t speak, in the order of this down, until the last person guess what is this idiom.

The Pagle group began to choose to try once, let everyone understand the rules of the game, the vivid image of their performance, the staff outside all know this idiom.The game officially began the game, everyone is very hard to perform their own idioms, there are low difficulty, but also high difficulty, round by round down, until the last.Everyone was very happy. We all learn a lot of knowledge in the game process, the process is like an assembly line, as long as there are no mistakes in the process of transmission, we will succeed.In the process, also need your ability to react, whether you can dare to deduce it.

According to the data of the investigation, in the voice of 100 people, a word passed down, to the last sentence will not be the beginning of the sentence.This is how magical ah, we also tried again, only a dozen people, our words when the back also passed wrong.It was a very memorable event, where everyone had fun and learned a lot.This event was held with a special success.

Reading club - By Elisa