The game <You draw i guess>

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM GMT+00:00

Our company holds book clubs every Thursday, and everyone in the company actively participates. This time it\'s my turn to host, and this time I hold events like \"You Draw I Guess\" and \"Nine-Nine Wrong Multiplication Tables\".

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The rules of the game are: Divide into four groups, a group of five people, randomly select a note with an idiom written on it, four people draw, and the remaining one guesses. The person who draws has ten seconds to take turns. Draw what you can draw within the time limit, then the next person draws the rest, and so on. After drawing, the person who guesses looks at the picture drawn by the four people in front and then only makes an idiom. If they guess correctly, they will win. The losing team eats mustard.


At the beginning of the game, everyone was afraid that they would not be able to draw, but they still had the courage to participate. Colleagues are very happy to cooperate, and the division of labor is also very clear. Whoever draws first and what is painted is clearly assigned and the thinking is very clear. Of course, the style of painting is also very unique. Everyone has their own unique characteristics, and they are also very imaginative talents. It can be described in one sentence: it can only be understood but cannot be expressed in words.


The second game is the nine-nine wrong multiplication table, the rules of the game: the answerer says the number in the tens place, and the number in the one place is wrong.

In the early stage, everyone was unfamiliar with the wrong multiplication table and could not react. After playing for a few rounds, everyone quickly mastered the rules of the game and summarized their own set of gameplay. Everyone quickly passed the game. Many times it is easy to watch others play, but when it is my turn, it is not so easy. So many times you have to do a thing yourself, only then will you experience the fun of the thing and allow yourself to better integrate into it.


Everyone is very enthusiastic and positive, which makes me truly feel that we are a family, we are a collective, we are the same team, we are making progress together, and developing together in a better direction, and tomorrow is always full of passion and hope.

By Scarlette