Reasons for the rapid development of China's LED display industry

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At present, with the increasing development of LED display industry in China, there are more and more LED large screen displays in the streets and lanes of major cities, and people's consumption level is also growing. LED has gradually been used in the daily life of families. LED electronic displays not only improve the image of the city, but also enrich people's cultural life, which can reflect the rapid development of the LED industry. Now, what about the Dubai LED transparent screen market?

It only takes a few decades for LED display to change from monochrome, bicolor to full-color. From drawing on foreign advanced technology, to the technology of small pitch LED display developed by LED display manufacturers today, it has caught up with foreign level. It can be said that China's LED display industry is developing very fast and has embarked on a new path of self-development, self drive and self guidance. LED display is the perfect combination of technology and media. It can fully display the concept of dream, technology, trend and fashion.


So, what is the reason for the rapid development of China's LED display industry?

The overall development of the industry has reached the scale level

It took 30 years for China's LED display industry to complete the 50 or even 70 year road of the same industry in other countries. Moreover, the development speed of China's LED display industry is not only reflected in the "rapid development and rise" of the production scale, but also in a series of new technologies, new models and new concepts. From the reference of "Made in China", the production of large countries and OEM to the independent innovation, independent brand and independent production.

The reason for the slow development of the early LED display industry is that the threshold of the industry's technical requirements is low, a large number of people with uneven technology have poured in, coupled with the limitations of imperfect industrial chain, lack of industrial work experience, and imprecise production and manufacturing processes, China's LED display was in a barbaric growth in the early stage. However, due to the internal quality control, industrial transformation and upgrading and consumption upgrading in the terminal market of LED display industry, to some extent, it has stimulated Chinese LED display manufacturers to innovate, optimize and upgrade, thus occupying an increasingly important position in the global industry.

Significant technological progress in the industry

There is always a saying in the industry, "China is the focus of LED display manufacturing in the world, and Shenzhen is the focus of LED display manufacturing in China." Shenzhen LED display manufacturers have unique geographical advantages. In addition, they have a complete LED display industry chain in Shenzhen from raw materials, lamp beads, drive IC, packaging and supporting design, as well as industrial clusters in various subdivisions. In addition, in recent years, driven by policies and market demand, new industrial bases and clusters have been gradually established in Jiangxi, Fujian and other places, thus promoting the rapid development of LED display industry to a certain extent.

China's LED display industry chain has formed a market-oriented operation system and a reverse force mechanism oriented to the terminal "user centered" from the middle stream LED display manufacturers to the upstream LED raw material manufacturers, and then to the downstream channel retailers, engineers and end users. Through this industrial chain, many related industries can be bred, and other industries can drive the development of the display industry. For example, the horizontal and vertical integrated industrial layout can lead the innovation of LED display technology and products in the world with faster speed and higher efficiency.


China's LED display

LED upstream industry development

In addition to the rapid and mature development of the industrial chain, the high-definition LED display developed by LED display manufacturers has greatly improved in quality and performance. Compared with foreign enterprises, Chinese LED display manufacturers can produce finished products at half the cost. Of course, this is not shoddy or shoddy, but thanks to China's complete industrial chain support, efficient operation and management level, and low labor costs.

Although there are still many advantages in China's LED display industry, such as technological innovation ability, brand influence, comprehensive strength and after-sales service, these defective LED display enterprises are constantly improving, and they are also the top priority of enterprise development. If these problems can be overcome, the LED display industry will grow stronger in the future.

From the cross-border development of LED display to the vertical integration of other display enterprises, the display industry will probably form a cross cutting situation in the future, and it will become a new trend for enterprises to achieve full coverage of display products. Under this trend, the LED display industry will usher in a new round of reshuffle in the future, and the pattern of the LED display industry may change.

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