5 minutes to learn about outdoor LED display

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1. What constitutes the outdoor LED display?
2. Operating principle of outdoor LED display.
3. Outdoor LED display features.
4. 3 Guide for Selecting Outdoor LED Display Models.
5. How much is the outdoor LED display?

Outdoor LED electronic screen media is the development trend of the advertising industry in the 21st century. It is an indoor and outdoor advertising display equipment with audio and video functions, and is an internationally leading high-tech product. Outdoor LED display screen usually appears in the form of outdoor media. Outdoor media refers to the media that are set up on the roof of main buildings, in front of the doors of commercial areas, at the roadside and other outdoor sites to release advertising information.


What constitutes the outdoor LED display?

1. Unit board

Unit board is one of the core components of LED display. The quality of unit board directly affects the display effect. The unit board is composed of LED module, driver chip and PCB circuit board. LED module is actually a lattice of many LED light emitting points packaged with resin or plastic.

2. Power supply

The power supply is generally switching power supply with 220V input and 5V DC output. It should be pointed out that the led display screen belongs to precision electronic equipment, so the switching power supply should be used instead of transformer.

3. Control card

The card can save information without power, and display the information stored in it without connecting to PC.

4. Connection

It can be divided into data line, transmission line and power line. The data cable is a flat cable used to connect the control card and the LED unit board. The transmission line is used to connect the control card and the computer. The power cord is used to connect the power supply, control card and LED unit board. The diameter of the copper core of the power cord connecting the unit board is not less than 1mm.


outdoor LED display

Operating principle of outdoor LED display

The basic working principle of LED display is dynamic scanning. Dynamic scanning can be divided into line scanning and column scanning. Line scanning is more common, and line scanning can be divided into 8 line scanning and 16 line scanning. In the line scan mode, each LED dot matrix has a set of drive circuits, and the column drive circuit also has a lock or shift register to lock the model data of the content to be displayed. In the line scanning mode, the same row control pins of the same row of LED lattice chips are on the same line. The driving circuit of LED display screen is usually controlled by a single chip microcomputer, among which 51 series is more common. The content displayed on the LED display screen is usually stored in the external data memory of the microcontroller in the form of a font.

The control process of the SCM to the LED display screen is to read before writing. According to the arrangement order of the LED dot matrix chips on the screen, the SCM first writes the column drive latch of the first row of LED dot matrix chips to the font data, and then writes the second and third font data of the first row to the font data, until all the font data are written, and then scans the row drive latch of this row, and then lights up the remaining first row with the same method. After being lit, it will be delayed for a period of time, and then the screen will be black, so as to complete the single chip microcomputer scanning control of the LED display screen in one line, and the single chip microcomputer scanning control of the second line and the third line of the LED display screen The scanning control process is basically the same until the eighth line. After the control process is completed, the LED display screen can display a complete frame of image.


outdoor LED display

Outdoor LED display features

1. The brightness is high. The general brightness is 5500 cd and can reach more than 10000 cd.

2. The diversified forms of advertisements are more attractive than traditional advertisements.

3. The content of the advertisement is updated quickly. The administrator can change the outdoor display screen at any time. It is easy to operate in the advertisement.

4. It has good waterproof performance and strong anti ultraviolet protection grade of IP65 or above, which can cope with all kinds of bad weather.

5. Led is made of non-toxic materials. unlike fluorescent lamps, mercury will cause pollution, and led can be recycled.


3 Guide for Selecting Outdoor LED Display Models.

1. Climatic and environmental factors

Climate and environmental factors should be considered first when selecting the full-color LED display specifications. Whether the display screen is installed indoors or outdoors, the indoor waterproof requirement is not as high as that of the outdoor. The outdoor display screen needs to be waterproof with a waterproof box or a simple box as a whole. The waterproof grade is generally IP65 outdoor and IP31 indoor. The outdoor screen shall also consider the impact of harsh weather such as radiation protection, dust prevention, high temperature protection and lightning protection.Here is how to waterproof and moistureproof 3 LED displays.

2. Selection of brightness

Selection of display brightness of full-color LED display specifications. The brightness of the outdoor display screen is generally higher than that of the indoor display screen, because the outdoor sunlight is strong, the display screen is too dark to see clearly, and the indoor light is soft, so it does not need to be too bright. Therefore, indoor LED displays are surface mounted or dot matrix, and generally do not make lamp beads. Because the brightness of lamp beads is too high, outdoor displays are mostly lamp bead mounted or surface mounted, but the brightness of outdoor display is higher than that of indoor display.

3. Visual range

Selection of P value within the visual distance range. "P" refers to the distance between two adjacent pixels (points), which is called pixel spacing, also called point spacing, and the unit is mm. The smaller the point spacing is, the higher the pixel density is, the clearer the picture is displayed, the more information capacity is, and the closer the distance suitable for viewing is. Therefore, the P value of indoor full-color LED display screen is generally less than that of outdoor display screen. Therefore, the definition of LED display within a certain viewing range is also an important reference for selecting full-color LED display specifications.


outdoor LED display

How much is the outdoor LED display?

According to different LED display companies, the price calculation of outdoor LED display will be different. Some companies charge per square meter, while others charge according to the physical size and resolution of the LED display you need. You will usually receive a free quote from the company before making a purchase decision. Here are seven guidelines for purchasing outdoor LED displays.


The market price is 300-800 dollars per square meter, and different screen costs vary greatly. There are three main factors that affect the price of LED and display screen, namely, the size of the LED display screen, the point spacing of the LED display screen, the LED lamp beads and the shell. The LED display screen is actually a system. In addition to the display screen, there is also a control system, which are all related to the price.

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