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The international circus makes a shocking debut!

The world’s leading technology makes a stunning debut

Chongqing International Circus adds new highlights! Leading the future of outdoor advertising display, we are proud to introduce the world’s leading P3.076 double-sided LED screen. This visual feast at the top of the media will bring you an unprecedented shocking experience. How is the price of outdoor LED display determined?

Excellent outdoor adaptability, wind and rain resistance, one step ahead

This double-sided LED screen adopts an excellent outdoor design and can withstand wind and rain, ensuring stable operation under various harsh weather conditions. Allowing you to enjoy clear and vivid images anytime and anywhere.


360-degree all-round visual presentation, don’t miss every exciting moment

The P3.076 double-sided LED screen, with its unique design, enables viewers to enjoy exciting content in all directions no matter where they are. Whether it’s day or night, you can feel the gorgeous brilliance at any angle.

Intelligent interaction creates an immersive experience

This is not just a screen, but an immersive experience. Supports a variety of interaction methods, making you not only a viewer, but also a participant. Whether it is performing arts performances, advertising displays, or brand promotions, they can all be perfectly presented on this screen. What is an immersive exhibition? What LED displays will be used?

Highly customizable to meet different needs

P3.076 double-sided LED screen supports high degree of customization and adapts to the needs of various scenarios. Whether it’s a circus show, brand promotion or special event, show off your message at its best. What should you consider when customizing LED digital screens?

Click to watch our exciting video and experience the new future outdoor advertising trend led by Chongqing International Circus. The combination of technology and innovation allows the beauty of circus to bloom under the light of LED!

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