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5 minutes to understand the LED display in the conference room


What is the conference room LED display?
What are the characteristics of LED display in the conference room?
Meeting room LED display solution.

In the conference display system of some enterprises, the conference room LED display solution is often used as a large screen display. Whether it is a large conference hall or a small and medium-sized conference, it is used to display text, video conference, data and other contents, and LED display screen can display it well.

What is the conference room LED display?

The LED display screen in the conference room is a kind of chip display, mainly composed of a large number of high-density LED dot matrix modules, which is used to display text, image, video and other information.

What are the characteristics of LED display in the conference room?

1. Create a more comfortable and modern information-based conference environment, share information from all aspects, and make the conference communication easier and smoother.

2. It can vividly present more colorful content and ignite the enthusiasm of the meeting.

3. Remote real-time communication and collaborative office are available.

4. Small footprint, flexible and convenient use, simple and fast maintenance.

5. Business applications, high-definition display, fast image processing, video transmission without delay.

Meeting room LED display

Meeting room LED display solution!

1. Clarify user display requirements

First of all, we need to know what the LED display screen in the conference room is mainly used to display in the user’s conference room. This is very important. For example, in the enterprise conference room, the main display demand may be to play the content on the computer, enlarge the display of some PPT and documents, etc., and some are used for remote video conference, and some will be connected to the monitoring system in the factory, That is, it can be used as a meeting display or as a monitoring display screen, which is equivalent to a multi-purpose screen.

So first of all, we need to know what the main display content of LED display screen is, which will directly affect which type of display screen is used in the back end. Then, we also need to know the user’s approximate budget. We need to select a more suitable LED display within the budget. The principle to follow is that the smaller the dot spacing, the better. Do you know the seven differences between indoor LED display and outdoor LED display?

2. Confirm the use environment

The size of the conference room will directly affect the selection of the LED display. If it is a large conference room, a lecture hall, an auditorium and other meeting occasions, the whole conference room will be larger, and the number of viewers will be larger. In addition, the distance is far, so the point spacing of the LED display in the conference room used need not be too small. At this time, it needs to be calculated according to the specific distance, Generally, dividing the distance by two is basically the point spacing of the selected LED display. For example, the nearest user is 4 meters away from the screen. At this time, it is better to use the LED display below P2 to display better, and the clarity will meet the user’s viewing needs.

However, if it is a small conference room, for example, the number of viewers is more than ten or twenty or thirty people, it is more important to pay attention to the clarity of the LED display screen in this situation, because the viewing distance is relatively close, and if the screen resolution is too low, it will lead to obvious mosaic phenomenon, especially when the text is displayed, there will be obvious graininess. At this time, small spacing LED becomes the main choice.

Meeting room LED display

3. Design and use LED display specifications

According to the scheme division of the LED display screen in the conference room, it can be divided into two categories at present. One category is slightly larger. The ones commonly used in the conference room are P2, P2.5, P3, P4, and so on. For example, some conference rooms with an area of more than 100 square meters are especially suitable for these kinds. Although their resolution is lower, the impact is not significant because of the viewing distance, and their technology is more mature and the cost is also low, So it is also very common.

4. Installation and commissioning

In the design of the LED display solution in the conference room, in addition to the display screen, there are also other equipment, such as the control system and the sending card, which need to be configured separately. In addition, the corresponding installation mode should be designed according to the site environment, whether it is maintenance before or after use, and finally the commissioning and installation should be completed by professional technicians.

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