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8 minute comprehensive understanding of 3d led display


What is a true 3D LED display
The imaging principle of 3D LED display
How to make 3D LED screen video
How to choose 3d led display?
Now, how much is a 3d led display?

True 3D LED display

A 3D LED display is a display made of LED beads with the ability to display three-dimensional images. It usually consists of many small LED beads that can glow in different colors and brightness levels. These LED beads can be programmed and controlled to create a three-dimensional effect that looks very realistic.

3D LED displays are commonly used in billboards, stage shows, exhibitions and conferences to attract the eye of the audience and enhance visual effects. They are often more visible and noticeable than traditional flat displays.

Some high-end 3D LED displays can also be used in conjunction with other technologies, such as projection and interaction, to create a more realistic and interactive 3D effect. Do you want to know where there are 3D billboards?

The imaging principle of 3D LED display

The core technology of 3D LED display is to use multiple LED beads to form a pixel and display the image by controlling the brightness and color of the LED beads. Unlike traditional flat screens, 3D LED displays can create a three-dimensional effect by displaying different images at different times and angles.

Specifically, 3D LED displays typically use two technologies to achieve stereoscopic effects: interactive and raster. While interactive technology requires the viewer to wear special glasses or use other equipment to see the stereoscopic effect, raster technology requires no special equipment.

In raster technology, 3D LED displays use an additional device called a “raster plate” to separate the image. A grating plate is a special lens that creates a three-dimensional effect by splitting light into different colors and directions. Behind the 3D LED display, there is an array of LED beads with different brightness levels, which light up in sequence and in time to create a 3D effect.

In short, the 3D LED display creates a realistic 3D effect by controlling the brightness and color of LED beads and using technologies such as raster panels.

3D LED display

How to make 3D LED screen video

There are 6 steps to make a video of a 3D LED screen:

Choose the right software: Choose a software that supports creating 3D videos, such as Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Maya, etc. These software are of high production quality and reliability, and there are more tutorials and resources for learning and reference.

Create 3D models: Use 3D modeling software to create 3D models, either physical or virtual, or using existing 3D models. Import 3D models into video production software.

Scene design and animation: In video production software, you can design 3D scenes, animation effects, lighting effects, etc., to make the video effect more realistic and attractive.

Render video: Render in video production software to generate video files.

Adjusting video parameters: Adjusting the rendered video, such as video size, resolution, frame rate, and color.

Output video: Output the completed video file to the required format, such as MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.

It should be noted that the production of 3D LED screen video requires high technical requirements and good design ability. If you do not have relevant experience and skills, it is recommended to find a professional production team or learn relevant technology and knowledge.

3D LED display

How to choose 3d led display?

There are many factors to consider when choosing 3D LED display. Here are some suggestions and precautions to choose 3D LED display:

Size and resolution: Choosing the right size and resolution can ensure the sharpness and fidelity of the display effect. You need to select the appropriate size and resolution based on the specific application scenario and budget.

Brightness and contrast: High brightness and contrast can improve the clarity and brightness of the display effect. You need to select appropriate brightness and contrast based on the specific application scenario.

Color performance: Good color performance can ensure the authenticity and fidelity of the display effect. It is necessary to choose 3D LED display that can support a wide color gamut and high color accuracy.

Reliability and durability: Choose 3D LED displays with good quality and reliability, especially in applications that require long working hours.

Display technology and driving mode: Different display technology and driving mode can affect the fidelity and stability of 3D effect. Therefore, you need to choose the technology and driving mode suitable for your application scenario.

Suppliers and after-sales service: Choosing suppliers with good reputation, rich experience and good after-sales service can reduce the cost and risk of later operation and maintenance.

3D LED display

Now, how much is a 3d led display?

Prices of 3D LED displays vary due to factors such as size, resolution, brightness, contrast, display technology, driver mode, supplier and after-sales service, making it impossible to provide an accurate price. The price of 3D LED displays can vary greatly by brand, model and supplier.

Typical 3D LED displays typically cost between $5,000 and $50,000 per square meter, while larger and high-end 3D LED displays can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Therefore, the selection needs to be based on the specific application requirements and budget.

In addition, it is recommended to carefully understand the product quality, after-sales service, supplier reputation and other aspects of the purchase of 3D LED display, to ensure that the selected 3D LED display can meet the actual demand, and has a high cost performance.

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