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Analysis of main application fields of LED display

As a display device, LED display can be seen everywhere around us, no matter in office buildings, business centers or streets. At present, the electronic science and technology related industries are developing very rapidly. LED display screens are used more and more widely, and the demand is also more and more popular. Do you want to know about special-shaped LED display? Sostron will analyze the main application industries of LED display market.

Mall led display

Advertising media

LED display, with its unique advantages, has gradually replaced the traditional billboards, light boxes, etc., and become a new force in the advertising media industry. Traditional advertisements can only play pictures, while LED display perfectly combines pictures, videos, words and sounds, and has the characteristics of high definition, high brightness, bright colors, bright subject, novel design, vivid image, simple and lively. The advertising image is prominent, easy to attract the attention of pedestrians, and easy to remember. In addition, LED display advertising has a long time, high frequency and more information, which can produce greater advertising benefits. The main application fields of advertising media LED display are all busy streets, shopping malls, plazas, parks, buildings, landmark buildings, stations and airports.

Entertainment culture

The most widely used is the large LED screen on the stage, evening party and other backgrounds. It can broadcast live and play back the highlights of the scene, breaking the seat limit, so that the audience far away from the stage can clearly see the performance on the stage, creating a magnificent and infectious atmosphere, combined with high-quality sound effects, giving a perfect audio-visual feast. The main application sites are all party concerts, activity sites, theaters, TV stations, high-end entertainment venues, etc.

This is the LED display screen Sostron is preparing to transport to the United Arab Emirates, which is under debugging.


It is believed that the LED screens in the main venues of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will leave a deep impression on everyone. The role of the large LED screens in the stadiums and gymnasiums is to play the highlights of the venue, slow motion playback, display of specific scenes, match score information and athletes’ introductions, as well as broadcast of commercial advertisements. Among them, slow motion replay has become the basis for the referee to make a correct decision, which makes the audience feel the fairness and impartiality of the game and reduces unnecessary conflicts. The main application fields are LED fence screens of all football fields, LED funnel screens of basketball halls, LED timing and scoring screens of track and field halls of natatoriums, and LED displays of walls or columns of various sports venues.

Traffic guidance field

At the intersections of busy streets or on both sides of expressways, traffic guidance LED displays will be set up. These displays are generally controlled by the control center. In combination with other road condition monitoring equipment, they will automatically display the smooth or congestion information according to the road conditions, providing a reference for travelers to choose the best route. It also displays weather conditions, traffic regulations, etc., reminds drivers to drive safely, and has the function of guide signs. The main application site is all the main urban roads, road intensive sections, expressways and other places.

Special place for LED creative screen

Now almost every city has museums, science and technology museums and other places, and they are closely related to high-tech LED displays. For example, the globe in the science and technology museum often uses a spherical LED display screen, which can not only dynamically display the earth’s topography, but also demonstrate the evolution history of the earth. It can not only play a very good role in education, but also play a decorative role. It is a perfect work of art. At present, all LED spherical screens in museums, LED spirals and LED magic cubes in science and technology museums, LED creative screens in children’s palaces, LED drum screens in space cities, art galleries, experience museums and other places in the LED creative screen application field.

In addition to the above five major application fields, the application scenarios of LED display are still being developed, and more and more emerging fields begin to use LED display. We have reason to believe that the LED era has arrived.

outdoor LED display

LED display under global low-carbon environmental protection policy

In view of the global trend of reducing carbon emissions, the demand for LED in China’s general lighting sector will be very strong. LED has low power consumption and environmental protection, reducing the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction in the lighting industry.

At present, the application of LED in lighting is still in the initial penetration stage. The R&D and manufacturing costs of LED industry are high, and the technology R&D needs to be further improved. The early market promotion and the formation of consumer reputation have a significant impact.

Nowadays, more and more enterprises have invested in the industry, with rising costs, declining profits, overcapacity, and price war. Small and medium-sized enterprises are struggling. However, there are not many national brands, most of which are regional brands. Therefore, there is still some room for relevant enterprises to develop.

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