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Application guide of LED display in real estate industry

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The practical value of LED display in real estate
What type of LED screen should be installed in the real estate industry

Real estate can be said to be a hot industry in recent years. With the continuous rise of housing prices, major real estate developers have also embarked on a high-end promotion route. The joining of high-tech has also become an increasingly popular marketing method for many sales offices. As an emerging creative technology, the LED display system has brought a new marketing method to the real estate industry. The advertising effect of the LED display system is remarkable, attracting the attention and investment of many real estate developers.

LED display in real estate

The practical value of LED display in real estate:

In the promotion of outdoor real estate, outdoor full-color LED displays are being used more and more widely. Thanks to its self-illumination, thinness and other characteristics, the outdoor full-color LED display has high brightness, which can meet the needs of long-distance viewing under outdoor sunlight conditions; excellent color performance also adds color to the release of outdoor real estate information; the dynamic picture publicity effect is far Better than traditional static print ads.

With its superior visibility and strong visual impact, the outdoor LED large screen has become a powerful assistant for developers to promote real estate. It can be used to release information such as advertisements and prices; Create new sources of income for business owners, or serve as a public information release platform to serve community residents.

On the indoor side, LED display screens, especially small-pitch LED screens, can cooperate with real estate models to further display relevant information of real estate, and express details or dynamic information that are difficult to present with static models more intuitively. sales staff.

The high-definition and lifelike LED large screen cooperates with the real estate model to further display relevant information, which can clearly, comprehensively and intuitively display the specific situation of the real estate, including the apartment type, surrounding environment, landscape, commercial facilities, etc., so that customers can quickly understand the real estate information. specific plans around.

LED display in real estate

What type of LED screen should be installed in the real estate industry

Outdoor LED display

If the sales center is located next to a busy street or traffic artery, you can consider installing an outdoor LED display on the exterior wall or facade. These screens are used to display advertisements for properties, opening times, and attractive images and videos to attract the attention of passers-by and motorists. For larger screens or where the distance between the viewer and the screen is greater, an LED screen with a large pixel pitch may be sufficient. Pixel pitches can exceed 4mm, but are usually kept above 5mm. While image clarity may be low, these screens can meet some basic messaging needs. You can learn about the following outdoor led display prices.

LED Video Wall

Large Indoor LED Video Wall

These screens are usually the focal point of the entire sales center, installed in prominent locations such as lobby or lobby. They are often used to display high-resolution promotional videos, virtual tours, floor plans of real estate, and other engaging content. If your sales center has sufficient budget and wants to provide high resolution and excellent visual effects, then you can consider installing LED screens with small pixel pitches. The small pixel pitch is usually between 1 mm and 2 mm, or even smaller. They are suitable for close viewing and can achieve high-definition and vivid images on large indoor video walls. It is recommended to check the P2 LED screen price guide.

All in all, analysts expect real estate advertising on LED displays to increase as the economy reopens. This growth was driven by overcrowding in other digital advertising channels. Real estate agents try to capture the attention of their audiences on social media and mobile platforms. LED screens in the real estate industry can provide an eye-catching, versatile, and contemporary promotional tool that helps attract potential clients and convey key messages. They can increase the visibility and attractiveness of a real estate project, thereby facilitating the sale or lease of a property.

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